The Calabar University Medical Students Association Games began on a very high note on Friday, 20th October at the Abraham Ordia Stadium, University of Calabar. The games began with a match between Association of Resident Doctors UCTH-Chapter and the CUMSA All Star team and an invitational inter-faculty (4*100)relay race.

Dignitaries seated at the high table

The Games was officially opened with a kick-off by the Dean of Faculty Of Medicine, Prof. Victor Ansa. Other dignitaries were; Deputy Dean, Dr. Odey , ARD-UCTH President, Dr. Akan Ekereuke, ARD-UCTH President and Editor in Chief National Association of Resident Doctors, Dr. Ekpoke Ejike, Dr. Henry Okpara (former H.O.D.) Chemical Pathology and past CUMSA president, Dr.Ogar Emmanuel. Also were Student Union Government Executives, SUG vice President, Director of Sports, Director of Information, Financial Secretary and Former Attorney General of the Students Union Government.

The Match between the ARD and CUMSA all Star Team was action packed an all thrilling, with a goal for the CUMSA team on the third minute, by Ukeme Samuel of the C1A class. The ARD team showed resilience having 3 former CUMSA Presidents featuring for them, Dr. Antigha Cobhams, Dr. Jerry Ani and Dr. Emmanuel Ogar.  Superb ball play came from Dr. Okeke who got a shot at goal that hit the wood work after a wonderful run-up, the rebound was converted to an equalizer by Dr. Jerry Ani at the 34th Minute. The game ended in a 1-1 draw with the trophy going to the ARD team for superior performance.

ARD TEAM with the Dean and other Dignitaries

The spectators were yet to get their breath back before the start of the Invitational relay.


Invitational 4*100 relay Girls
The race feautured 3 faculties and the following were the order of results.
1st LAWSAN ( faculty of Law).
2nd CUMSA (faculty of Medicine)
3rd FABAMSSA (faculty of Basic Medicals.

Invitational Relay Boys.
The race feautured 5 faculties. With an early lead from the Faculty Of Education, but for Eyo Akwa(2016 200m Gold Medalist) who took the 2nd curve for the CUMSA team delivering Baton first to Oshie Emmanuel(2016 100m gold medalist). And an error from the Faculty Of Education team in the exchange area for the last 100meter stretch, Oshie Emmanuel capitalised under the deficit to give a gold medal with a wide margin.

Invitational Inter-faculty Relay Boys

Final results:
1. CUMSA (faculty of Medicine)
2. LAWSAN (faculty of Law)
3. FAMEDSA (faculty of Allied Medicals)
4. FABAMSA (faculty of Basic Medicals)
5.NUESA Faculty of Education

Day one ended with a match between the PC1 (year 2 ) and C1B (junior year 4)

   PC1 VS C1B

The match was balanced with these two teams evenly matched, but for a counter attack being converted to a goal for the C1B class in the 12th minute, by Utibe Udofia an assist from Ewa Anthony(Ishuz).)


Oshie Emmanuel(PC1) was removed from the game for injuries sustained after a collision in the 1st half, being replaced by Callistus(Kaka) who was unable to provide his team with an equalizer. Anselem Uduak (C1B) was man of the match.

PC1 Vs C1B


The second day of the Games began with the table tennis tournament featuring two players from each class (12 players) who went through 3 rounds before a final round.
Table Tennis Players.

Table tennis tournament Adinya Mike Adinya Vs Donald Ekong

Premed(Year one): Nwachukwu Precious and Ibe Frank. PC1(Year 2): Okwueze Kenneth and Iron Bar Victor. C1B(Junior year 4): Donald Ekong and Gilbert Dede. C1A(Senior year 4): Caleb Odogwu and Oyedikachi Kingsley Umoh (OKU). C2(year 5): Nathan Sinebari and Richard Adolphus. C3(year 6): Emana Alexis and Adinya Mike.

Table Tennis tournament representatives of various classes

After the First round, 6 players proceeded to the Second round.

Emana Alexis Vs Donald Ekong
Nathan S. Vs Gilbert Dede
Ken Obi. Vs OKU

After the Second Round 3 players emerged for the third round to produce a 3 place winner.

Nathan Sinebari C2
Donald Ekong C1B

Nathan Sinebari was placed 3rd.


Donald Ekong faces Onyedikachi Kingsley Umeh in a fierce final battle edging out OKU to take gold after winning the two Seniors round.

Donald Ekong C1B
Onyedikachi Kingsley Umeh C1A


C1A(senior year 4) VS PC1(year 2).

The C1A class who were Second at the last CUMSA GAMES FOOTBALL came into the match with an injury ridden squad with two of their top strikers being unavailable for the match and also the PC1 suffered from fatigue problems after playing the previous day.

Cross section if spectators

The match was brilliant and evenly matched with the PC1 class struggling to at least pick a point or all 3 points to save themselves. Both teams lacked an attacking teeth to get a goal. The match ended in a 0-0 draw. With Irom Ekong Man of the Match.

PREMED(year 1) VS C3(final year)

The final year class came into the game with much confidence being drawn against the 100 level class who had no experience at the tournament. The Premed class were up-to a surprise start mounting pressure in the opening minutes.

Cross section for spectators

The C3 class had the day with a goal from Jokah George assisted by Emana Alexis in the 23rd minute.

Cross section of spectators

The PREMED class were unable to find the back of the net despite excellent performance from Ategwu Joseph.
Match ended with a 1-0 win for the final year class, with Emana Alexis being the man of the Match for a star performance.

The Long distance races also took place, Male (1500m) and Female (800m)

Male 1500m results.
1st Cyprian Udem C1B
2nd Ebuka Ojukwu C2
3rd Kingsley Ebito C1B

Female 800m results.
1st Joy Ebong C1A
2nd Boma C2
3rd Ewoni Sophia PC1

The Game Continues with a fixture between the C2( year 5) class and PREMED( year 1) class on Sunday by 12 noon.



1 GOLD ——   3 Points

1 Silver  ——- 2 Points

1 Bronze ——- 1 Point



C1A (Group A) VS PREMED (Group B)


C1B(Group A)  VS C2 (Group B)


C1B (Group A)  VS C2 (Group B)




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