One of the major preoccupations of students on campus aside academics is maintaining a healthy and social life; apparently there has been a decline of such activities on campus lately.

Comr. Egwu Daniel

The Emergence of Egwu Daniel as the Director of Socials has broken a new dawn in the sector.

Students of the University of Calabar, community can indeed testify to the resurgence of social activities; following an invigorated interest of brands seeking to take advantage of the over 40,000 student community for promotional campaigns.

UNICAL international conference center filled to capacity during Cowbell Coffee Talent Show


In barely two months in office, the Director of Socials has partnered with a number of organizations and brands for several product promotions.

Egwu Daniel during Cowbell Coffee Talent Revelation
Egwu Daniel with Cow bell Representative


Some of the events include:
1. Cowbell coffee Talent Revelation which attracted one of Nigeria’s finest musicians Olu Maintain.

BigVolt in collaboration with HitFM96.9
Winners of the Cowbell Talent revelation; from Left MC Talku Talku( winner, stand up comedy and 2nd runner up), Demi(Winner Dancing and overall winner), and Shenkex (Winner, Music and 1st runner up)

2. Big Volt in collaboration with HitFM 96.9 who brought two of Nigerians finest rappers; Vector and Erigga .

Egwu Daniel at the Big Volt event

3. Cadbury Cloret Gum activation initiative that organised a campus wide campaign, and delivered free gums and shirts to students in all hostels.

4. McVities promotion for 2 Products Hobnobs and Digestive biscuits at the Female Hostel.

Students during Cadbury Cloret Activation


Malabresses turn out for the Cadbury Cloret

The Students have lauded the achievements of the Director of Socials for his efforts, as this has not only afforded students with recreational events; it attracted Major artistes to the campus, and also created a platform for students to display and market their talents to the public.

MCVities during activation at female Hostel

Speaking with some of the winners of the Cowbell Coffee Talent Hunt, Femi (Winner Dancing and Overall Winner), Shenkex (Winner, Music and 1st runner-up) and Mc Talku Talku (Winner Comedy and 2nd runner-up) who were overjoyed with the experience, appreciated the brand for giving them the opportunity to perform and also rewarding them with prizes.

Egwu Daniel during MCVities biscuit activation

The Winner, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, went home with 50,000 Naira cash prizes. A student won a laptops, while other students went home with amazing prizes from a raffle draw.

Comrade Egwu Daniel in responding to his objectives and drive in office remarked that ” After seeing a rapid decline of activities after my first two (2) sessions, I decided to take it upon myself to revive, restructure, redefine, rejuvenate, reawaken and revitalise the social life of students on campus, because anywhere I go, I love leaving indelible marks and foot prints behind. He asserted that his drive was from a lack of developed comedians, musicians, dancers and even presenters in a school with about 45,000 students, adding that He would Collaborate with all Faculty Directors of Socials, to give the social life of Malabites and Malabresses a very big lift, by providing them with enough social activities that will not only bring fun to their doorsteps but aid them in excelling academically through relaxation.

Cadbury Cloret Activation

While responding to what more UNICAL Students expect, He said “More, more and more events have been designed and packaged for the interest and benefit of Nigerian Students. Soonest, Kinabuti (Dare to dream) will be in school for fashion and pageantry shows, We are also looking forward to MTN campus invasion, Glo campus blast, Indomie challenge and many more.”


Daniel Faithful Reporting from Malabor.

Daniel Faithful is a 400 level Medical Student, and Campus Journalist with N.U.C.J.


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