10 TYPES OF PEOPLE YOU FIND IN NIGHT CLASS, You’ll Relate With Number 4.

The Article was written any Tosin Isreal of UnibenHotPlate.
I have been trying to research about the person that introduced the night class tradition, buh the research has been futile.
Well the person has really helped lot’s of people as well as frustrated others. Ever since its inception, people have adultrated it to fit their lifestyle, from making friends to stealing and so on.
So today, I’ll be sharing with you, 10 types of people to expect when you go for night class.
1. The thieves;
 Yes, Istarted with these people, because you really need to look out for them, they really didn’t come to read, they are there just to move things.
They seize opportunities like interuption of power supply or negligence (maybe a reader falls asleep) to perform wonders. Beware of them.
2. The destiny changers: 
Funny as it may sound, they exist, and these set have more of the girls, their job is to confuse you that jejely came to read, they don’t only spray perf or make up, but they go to the extent of opening their cleavages and wearing short skirts that the cool guy beside them will sit confused for the rest of the night.
Please if you come across these people, i advise you change seats. And to those in this category, receive sense.
3. The fashionistas ; 
They really didn’t come to confuse you, their main aim is just to show off their wardrobe.
  I magine a guy wearing shades, fez cap, vintage clothings and chains or a girl wearing a fresh make up or Christmas cloths to night class??
4. The posers/fakers:
I like these people, they are the best.
 Imagine someone coming to night class with about two big textbooks, 5 photocopied materials, and 8 notebooks, haba! For one night?
And the funny thing about them is that, 20min into reading, they’ll tap you and say bro please wake me up in 1hr time, don’t just bother waking them up ‘cos when you do, they will continue postponing it to the nexy hour.
I pity them cos when they get to the hostel in the morning, their roomies start shouting JACKOOOO! not knowing they slept through out.
5. The confused; 
This amazing set of people will be reading one page of a material for more than 2hrs, then go to the next page and return to the previous page, and you’ll always see them murmuring..
I still think its either they just broke up, are hungry or have village problems.
6. The teachers/scholars:
There are mostly boys in this category, you’ll see them come with someone to teach (mostly the opposite sex) and be teaching what they dont even know, with hopes of making the baes fall for them (some are genuine tho).
Have you noticed that the people they teach end up scoring higher than them?
7. The socializers :
The guys also come first in this set of people, all they came to do in night class is to make friends and catch up with other friends, they know virtually everyone in agric and basement, you see them hailing anyone that just enters LT1, jacko, baddo, baby and so on.
They only come with jotters, to collect numbers.
8. The preachers;
Oh you thought i would forget them? They are supposed to top the list sef, everyone knows their official statement,
Please spare me five minutes of your time
Research has it that the least time they spend is 30mins. And the painful part it that up to five of them come up in one night, do the maths.
9. The serious ones :
Now these are the set of people night class was really meant for, they come, greet some friends, read and if need be go out and buy something and continue reading..
P.s, I’m in this category ooo.
10. The nocturnal lovers:
This list won’t the complete without these people. They are the romeo and Juliets, they just come to night class to hook up and cuddle up.
All they do is meet at hall2 car park, goto agric, discuss for a while then to orchard or law (to cuddle) and then to june 12 to flex.. The funny thing is most of them haven’t ever met during the day.
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