🔸 Handing over of Gavel of Justice by Emeritus Senate President

🔸 Senate President Inaugurates absentee Senators

🔸 Senate President Inaugurates Senate Standing and Adhoc Committees

🔸 Executive President Presents 71.9 Million Naira Proposed Budget to Senate for ratification

🔸 Senate Amends First Paragraph of Proposed Budget

🔸 Director of Information to Face Fact Finding Committee

The activities of the 2016/2017 Student Union Government is fast taking shape; as the legislative arm convened its first plenary session with the beginning of the new semester.

It is important to note that the 5th Senate inaugurated by the Executive President Comr. Afufu Anthony, could not convene a formal sitting because the school was not in session.

The First plenary session held at the Senate Chambers, Malabor Students’ Centre, and began by 1:08pm, Wednesday, 21st June 2017 having in attendance 59 Senators representing various constituencies, the Security Surveillance Unit, Man O’ war, NUCJ, KampusAreaBlog reporters, the Deputy Secretary General of the Union and observers in the gallery.

The Session was preceded by the Handing over of Gavel to the Senate President Sen. Etta Enyi by the Emeritus Senate President, Sen. Effiong Francis who was absent at the inaugural session.

Sen. Effiong Francis
robed the Senate President, Handed over the Gavel of justice and documents of the senate and thereafter sought the consent of the Senate President to address the House.

He spoke on important highlights of His tenure, legislative procedures, and encouraged the Senators to pass bills that would affect lives of students of the University of Calabar positively. He also laid emphasis on the need for unity in the union.

At about 1:20pm the Emeritus Senate President was ushered out of the house, after which the plenary session went on with the sergeant at arms, Sen. Opoh Joseph Reading the order paper and Deputy Senate President, Sen. Abigail Ita Passed the attendance sheet around. The Scribe of the House, Sen. Sumoku Wisdom was also in attendance.

The content of the order paper read on the floor of the house by the Sergeant at arms had the following:

▫Opening prayer
▫Reading, Correction and Adoption of the order paper.
▫Reading of standing order.
▫Opening remarks by the Senate President.
▫Casting of Appearance.
▫Administration of oath of office to senators absent during inauguration.
▫Matters of the day:
ğŸŽˆInauguration of standing and adhoc committees.
ğŸŽˆBudget presentation by SUG Executive President.
▫Presentation of bills.
▫AOB (Any other business).
▫Closing prayer

Sen. Esu Joseph Frank gave the opening prayer.


Reading, Correction and Adoption of the Standing Order

The 11 item document on the Practice and Procedure of the Students’ Union Government Senate generated debate on the floor of the house as pleas for redress of certain items were made on the floor of the house.

Matters concerning improper dressing, which could attract a penalty of outright suspension from a session and movement in and out of the chambers during proceedings generated greater debates.

After much consideration, adjustments were made by the Senate President, Sen. Etta Enyi and the standing order was duly adopted by 1:59pm.

The Senate President, Sen. Etta Enyi went ahead to give his opening remarks, stating achievements and measures He had put in place to fulfill His 10 point campaign agenda.
Notable amongst which were:

The Renovation of the Senate Chambers.

The Senate President stated that the Director of Works had received approval to renovate and provide power to the chambers. He also made mention of efforts being made concerning acquiring new sets of chairs befitting the Senate, that would give room for Senators to take notes during sessions.

Orientation For Senators.

He said concerted efforts had been made jointly by the Principal officers to organize an orientation bearing in mind that all senators were novel.

State and Rehabilitation of the Senate Vehicle

He notified the house that approval was sought for disbursement of funds for the repairs of the S.U.G Senate bus that had been abandoned for years; Stating that the rehabilitation of the bus would be speedy so as to aid Senate activities.

Senate Visit to the Cross River State House of Assembly and National Assembly.

The Senate President informed the house that certain members of the State house of Assembly and National Assembly had been approached by the Principal officers and other members on a possible visit to both houses to watch and learn from deliberations. He noted that these efforts involved a meeting with Senator John Owan Enoh and Senator Rose Oko

He concluded His remarks with an appreciation to the Vice-Chancellor for His Unflinching support to the development of the Union and students welfarism.

In line with provisions of the constitution, The Senate President inaugurated Senators who were absent during the Inaugural Session. The inauguration took place by 2:30pm, when the oath of office was administered.


In line with the duties of the Senate in performing oversight functions, the Senate President, Sen. Etta Enyi inaugurated a total of 32 committees. In His address he charged them to be active, and tasked all committees to discharge their duties in good faith; knowing that their service to the union was a sacrifice and the welfare of the Students bothered on their capacity to perform.

The Senate thereafter went on a recess by 3:57pm and reconvened by 4:38pm to give the Executive council more time to finish up with Budget preparations.

Executive President Presents Proposed Budget to Senate

The President of the Union was ushered in to the Senate Chambers at 4:40pm after a motion was moved by Sen. Mbang Confidence and duly seconded by Sen. Atuk Alfred.

The President Comr. Afufu Anthony went ahead to present the 2017 ‘Budget of Restoration‘, which according to Him would restore the lost glory of students being represented.

1. Recurrent Expenditure = N54,261,800
2.Capital Projects = N11,254,300
3.Other Exigencies, grants and trainings = N5,907,800
Commission on turnover COT = N499,967
GRAND TOTAL = N71,923,867


A letter containing nominations for the Judiciary by the Executive council was read by the Senate President, Sen. Etta Enyi  who afterward presented this list to the Chairman, Senate Screening committee, Sen. Okon, Asuquo Asuquo for due consideration.

The S.U.G President was then ushered out of the chambers after a motion was moved and duly seconded.


Amendment of First Paragraph of Proposed Budget

The Senate President opened the floor of the house for deliberation on what steps should be taken to ratify the proposed budget after He enumerated the various ways available to the Senate.

Sen. Daniel Faithful raised a point of order, after due recognition by the President. He apprised the House of the Opening paragraph of the Proposed Budget, which cited section 21(2) of the S.U.G Constitution . He remarked that the section had no bearing with budget presentation by the Executive President, but stated duties of the Financial secretary and as such is misleading and must be tackled before deliberations can be entertained.
Sen. Mbang Confidence raised a point of notice in line with the Senate handbook, supporting Sen. Daniel Faithful’s observation stating that the problem was amenable, He urged the Senate President to call for a motion for amendment of the first paragraph of the bill for a substitution of section 21(2) with section 19(4).

After the Budget Bill was amended, further deliberations were entertained and the Senate Committee on Finance and Appropriation led by Sen. Ganyi Francis Gaga was tasked with scrutinizing the proposed budget and making recommendations before an open ratification on the floor of the house in the next sitting.


Sen. Ekpeyong Isong raised an observation that some senators had left the sitting during the 30-minute recess and were yet to return and asked that such acts be looked into.

The last speaker, Sen. Daniel Faithful who took the floor, appreciated the efforts of the Vice-Chancellor in His turnaround maintenance of Hall 4 hostel, His efforts at moving the WiFi service form Local Area Network (L.A.N) to Campus Area Network (C.A.N).

Sen. Daniel Faithful went ahead to read a memo from the Office of the Director of Information on defacement of University of Calabar.

While commending the efforts of the Director of Information for taking such brilliant steps, He cited some mistakes on the memorandum had ridiculed all His efforts.

Sen. Daniel Faithful stated that it is only proper for such a notice to have the punishments published alongside.
He added that the closing paragraph stated that Violators prior to commencement of the notice would face sanctions, implying that Himself (D.O.I), other executives and other aspirants who littered the school with posters were principal offenders and by adding ‘prior’ He was silent about the fate of those who violate after the commencement of the notice. He pleaded that necessary corrections be made to the document.

The Senate President thereafter directed the Fact Finding committee led by Sen. Bassey Winston to look into it and present a report on the matter soon.

The Senate 1st Plenary Session was Adjourned by 6:15pm.

The closing prayer was by the Senate minority leader, Sen. Ebereonwu, Chibuike .

Sen. Okon, Affiong
Sen. Idongesit, Imuk

S.U.G Director of Information.
All Faculty D.O.I
All Faculty Parliaments.
All media outfits.
All Notice Boards.

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