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[6/2, 20:13] ‬: RSU AWARD NIGHT And Pageantry

The KampusAreaBlog is on ground at the venue for live coverage…

Kurotams Justus,Joy Ezewu,and Olali Karina   are tonight’s Anchors…

The events is holding at the convocation arena Rivers State University.
Students and Guest begin to arrive the venue.
[6/2, 20:13]: Background music plays softly in the air.
[6/2, 20:14] ‪ Crowd influx at entrance

[6/2, 21:03] ‬: Opening prayer
[6/2, 21:03] ‪‬: National anthem is being sung.
[6/2, 21:11] ‪+‬: RSU awards
Welcome address by the SUG Vice President
[6/2, 21:23] ‪‬: Performance by upcoming artistes most from the beautiful River State University.
[6/2, 21:23] : Spencer thrills the audience as he performs.

music performances

[6/2, 21:30] ‪‬: #RSU awards
Display of contestants in dance
[6/2, 21:50] ‪‬: RSU awards
Comedy performance by Memorandum
[6/2, 21:50] ‪‬: the convocation arena is lit and fill with students waiting for a fun filled night.
[6/2, 21:51] ‬: Comedy performance by MC Murmur
[6/2, 21:56] ‪: #RSU awards
Performance by Originaldexter
[6/2, 22:11] ‪: #RSU awards
Performance by Tichel.
[6/2, 22:18] ‪‬: #RSU awards
Introduction of current Mr and Miss RSUSpencer & Nana
[6/2, 22:23] ‪:  #RSU awards
Arrival of contestants in bikini suits,  the show is just gearing up.

It’s bikini time!!

Our Judges for the Night, watch on!

[6/2, 22:36] ‪‬: Comedy performance by Bethram, Hip Hop comedian wows the crowd as he treats them to the best.

OfficialBethram thrills the crowd
Kpakol Bethram.

[6/2, 22:47] ‪‬: Music Performance Dandizzy

Dandizzy performs…

[6/2, 22:50] ‬: Everyone is anxious; they want to see the contestants file out again, be it in native or English attire.

Bikini ladies…
female contestants in 👙 👙

[6/2, 22:53] ‪‬: That moment when the DJ makes your heart bounce with the beats😛😜. You be like💃🏿💃🏿💃🏿

some royalties Mr and Miss NUESA, MR LAWSAN,. MR. CULTURE…

[6/2, 22:55] : Dandizzy bursting it loose here
[6/2, 22:56] ‪‬: Dandizzy is simply the fans favourite. He carries the crowd along and vice-versa
[6/2, 22:59] ‪‬: If dandizzy yabs you during his live performance, take it like that. That’s Dandizzy for you.
[6/2, 23:01]‬: The SUG president in person of Daminabo Alali Daniel just arrived

[6/2, 23:18]: Cultural performance from the contestants… Time to shake waist😇

[6/2, 23:53]:  Arrival of celebrity musicians, Solidstar and Orezi to the venue…  It’s about to go down 👇

Live performance by Splendid

Pictures from the Cultural display...

[6/2, 23:58] : One thing is for sure, this has not just been a Pageantry and award night; it has been a night for a display of talent, all thanks to the SUG of RSU
[6/3, 00:01] : The atmosphere has totally changed at the announcement of the arrival of Solidstar and Orezi… The crowd just can’t wait any longer.
[6/3, 00:02] : The SUG PRESIDENT did some award presentation a while ago…
[6/3, 00:05] : Yea, and then certain VVVIPs were announced that stole the show.


[6/3, 00:09] : ROOKIE OF THE YEAR: Kpakol Bethram
[6/3, 00:10] : BEST MALE MODEL: Valentine Igwe
[6/3, 00:11] : BEST FEMALE MODEL: Deborah Eze
[6/3, 00:11] : BEST COMEDY ACT Kpakol Bethram
[6/3, 00:12] : BEST MUSIC ACT: Elemzy
[6/3, 00:12] : BEST DJ: DJ raky
[6/3, 00:14] : MOST POPULAR MALE: Oluwa Nas J
[6/3, 00:15] : MOST POPULAR FEMALE: Martha Onwuchekwa
[6/3, 00:16] : BEST FASHION DESIGNER: South Gap
[6/3, 00:16] : BEST CAMPUS MEDIA: RSUST killing it
[6/3, 00:17] : BEST PHOTOGRAPHER: Black rose images
[6/3, 00:18] : MOST INFLUENTIAL STUDENT: Adiele Goodluck
[6/3, 00:19] : MOST POLITICAL CONSCIOUS STUDENT :Johnson Johnson Eugene
[6/3, 00:21] : BEST CREATIVE PERSONNEL : Sam Paul
[6/3, 00:21] : BEST CAMPUS BANK: UBA
[6/3, 00:22] : BEST MAKEUP ARTISTE :Udochi Peace
[6/3, 00:23] : BEST FOOD OUTLET : Mama Africa


[6/4, 00:43]: Orezi is performing  live on stage

[6/3, 00:42] : Orezi performing live
[6/3, 00:59]  Solidstar and Tekno are yet to perform
[6/3, 01:03] : Solidstar just started. This cowd are ready to be here till 5:00am. I wonder how they will react when Tekno comes

Solidstar throws almost 20,000 naira on student

[6/3, 01:21] : The female contestants are now at in their finale parade in their gowns
[6/3, 01:48] : The male contestants are on their parades now

[6/3, 02:25‬: We now have our winners and the results are announced , MR RSU 2017 is  VALENTINE ELIGWE!!!
[6/3, 02:31] ‪‬: And the moment has come for our ladies,  Miss RSU 2017 is HARMONY WIGWE

[6/3, 02:36]: The event comes to a wrap it’s been a long night full of intrigues, all together the RSU-SUG 2017 has done their best to deliver.

[6/3, 02:38]: And Now the crew would be signing out,  it’s been amazing out here, for a show slated by 5:00pm yesterday,  Prince will Uba, Joy Ezewu,  Karina Olayi, and Kurotams Justus  for KampusAreaBlog. 

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