Concerning the recent challenge of pipe borne water supply facing the OAU students the Students’ Union Government have moved to make a statement on the issue reassuring students that all shall be well in due time, the press release is as follows:

“The various agitations and complaint on the recent water supplied to Halls of residence has not gone unnoticed. The present leadership of the Union is that which is so much committed to enhancing the welfare conditions of our students as the implications of this discouraging welfare conditions is not only felt by students only. We stand to posit that our students cannot continue to drink, cook, bathe, wash and do other things with water that is not hygienic to even animals we rear at home.


We have visited the Dam and the Director of Works as we posited the outright rejection of the water. The Director of Works explained that excessive iron in the water is the cause of such water and as such it isn’t hazardous. He further stressed that the only solution which can be effective immediately is the addition of chlorine to the water but it should be noted that chlorine might be reactive on some of our students and as such we have demanded that they put in place other means to put an end to this challenge.


Given our scientific and basic knowledge on water, the generally acceptedhygienic water is that which iscolourless and as such we demand the circulation of colourless hygienic water into our halls of residence.


Hygienic water remains our basic need and as such shouldn’t be compromised under guise.


Greatest Ife, be rest assured that poor welfare conditions affects us all and as such your continuous support and advice are very much welcome to ensure the delivery of our promises to enhancing and improving our welfare conditions.


This Union is our Union and as such our interest, welfarism and security is always protected.


Our Union is the greatest, our Union is the almighty, our Union is the alpha and omega, and nobody is above our union.”


Aluta Continua! Victoria Ascerta!!



Boluwajaiye Adeoluwa (FYNESTBOI)

Secretary General OAU SU



Oyekan Ibukun Edward (DR. IBK)

President OAU SU


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