Good morning, I’m Joy Ezewu from Kampusarea blog, can you introduce yourself please?

Good morning Joy. I am George Tamunosiki iyalla, simply known as George Siki or Yung siki.

So what do you do
I am an artiste, I am into pop music and  a student of RIVSU, Studying analytical chemistry.

So why music, how did you get into music?
Well… It started in church; Children choir, Teenage choir, Adult choir.  So music was everywhere I go and sometimes I write songs for the teenage choir, people really like the songs I write. So I took it up and here I am today.

What inspires you?
The joy and happiness I see on people’s face when I sing and yes of course what the future holds for me if I work hard.
How would you describe your genre of music?
I am into pop, r and b. Motivational music. I sing music for the mind and soul.

What has the experience been so far, support and all?
What can I say, every situation I go through I count as an experience. Some people would want to take your talent for granted because they want to support you. But in all, Kayevisuals is the reason I am known in my school and outside my school. He helped me shaped my talent and gave it a brand. I thank him for that
Nice, Good friend I guess…
Yes you can say that.

So how have you managed being a musician with your studies?
I saw it was not an easy joy,  that’s why I am off and on. But there’s is a balance to it. But in all studies comes first for now

What has been your lowest or disappointing moment?
Uhmm,  that would be when my Dad found out I was into music, He was not happy about it. He was like studies first  and all that. But he’s good now. It wasn’t easy convincing him. But it’s all good now.
What’s your biggest achievement?
Ooh, let me see… I finished performing somewhere at G. R. A, and a young guy walked up too me and said “The words of the song you sang restored my hope”.  And I was so happy I was a blessing to what ever he was going through.

That’s beautiful,  making inpact.
Who are your role models in the industry?
Asa, and Tuface.

Have you had any release? A track or album
Yeah a track. ‘Not funny‘ Featuring kaye

What’s your motivating factor
Making myself proud.

Mention five facts no one knows about you?
I can pray, Dance, Act, Cook and eat a lot.

So, no one knows about them?
I can’t say for sure
That’s too simple
Well… that’s just about it

Would you take a chance of dropping out of school, if you were offered a life changing deal?
Yop… I will
Never to come back?
Naa… I will be back. But I won’t let the opportunity slide because of school.
Of course…
What are your expectations from the music Industry?
Love for my style of music. Money and respect.

If not music, what else would you go into?
Tailoring,I have always enjoyed watching people make clothes. So I feel it would be a good option.

You are good at it?
Not really… I am still learning

Any other hidden talents?
Okay… I think I’m funny. So I also feel comedy could play out fine for me.
Comedy…, what would your stage name be? #Sikisnotfunny?
Hahaha… George siki.
Could you let us into what a day in your life is like?
Yeah,  Weekdays are always straight ups. Wakeup, Get ready for work, Close by 4, Get home, Eat, See a movie I probably downloaded at the office. But weekends, I sleep till 10, Eat, Quiet time. Then I go hang out with friends.

Work?  Office?

Yeah, I’m in my I.T level. So am actually in the work field for now. I’ll be back in school next semester.

Can you mention five things you can’t live without
God, Food, Family, Friends and my Phone.

If you could eat only one meal, what would it be?
Favorite movie?
Lord of the rings.

Do you have any pet or favorite animal you would like to have as a pet? 
Nope… But I’ll love a dog
Any future plans?
Yea Lots. Plan a, Plan b, Plan c e.t.c
Any other thing you would like to share with KAB?
Err, Let’s say. I appreciate the platform. I wish to see K.A.B grow and get better.
Any shout out to anyone?
Yes… Kaye visuals, My Mum, Blessing Wilson. My friend perfect mix. My producer doka.

Thank you for your time, we hope to work with you again
Sure. Thanks.
You’re welcome


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