When thinking about people in the position of power one tends to think of them so distinct and of some different breed of human beings. After all, they’ve managed to rise so high and keep their positions, they have to deal with unimaginable crises on a daily basis, they decide the fate of millions of people and, by extension, of the world in general. Surely they cannot be the same as common men, right? WRONG.

Born 20th March 1964, Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi personifies humility, struggle and the popular phrase “Servant leader”. He has shown like few great political leaders in the past, that the human essence is not void of honesty and hard work. A common man making the difference we’ve all wished and prayed for.

They say a golden fish never hides, neither does a diamond in the midst of stones.
Here stands a man with great fortitude and sheer personality among his subordinates and contemporaries.
An erudite whose presence breeds possibilities and greater things. From Orba town in Udenu local government. Preeminently, one of the few political leaders with a bachelor’s degree cum masters degree in business administration, which explains his prowess and experience in putting projects in place with workable logistics.

Above all, from the prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka. The Den is known to have produced many…MANY wonderful personalities both home and abroad. Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi stands as one the school holds dear to heart as he is a literary character of UNN’s mantra, Restoring the dignity of man.
Graciously served in the capacity as the general manager of premier insurance brokers limited Enugu, and was outstanding when he was the President of Rotary club of Emene Enugu state. Our amiable governor also represented the good people of Igbo-eze north/ Udenu federal constituency where he served as the chairman of maritime transportation in the Federal house of representatives before his election as the Governor of Enugu state, which he won massively, thereby eliciting and solidifying the degree of legitimacy his office holds.

Rt.Hon Ugwuanyi remains today in the history of Nigeria as the only law-maker both in the Upper and Lower Houses to attain this feat of serving two consecutive tenure as Chairman of Marine Transport. This shows the level of trust and confidennce his peers in the parliament hold for Gov. Ugwuanyi and the quality of his leadership potentials that helped brought revolutionary changes and transformation to the Marine Transport sector in Nigeria.
His few years in office as Governor is an example every administrator of any form should imitate. Making obvious and fast paced development in differing sectors of The Coal City. Transportation, Economy, Agriculture, Education… The integrated development approach has rarely been done so flawlessly.
The United States of America (USA) has
applauded the new face of business environment in Enugu State under the administration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, saying that the state is now a destination for investment.

It was not for nothing when Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi was conferred with a media award of excellence on infrastructural provision, January this year. The Authority newspaper that gave him the honour had done that after a careful survey on the activities of the governor in the past twenty months of his administration. Ugwuanyi, late last year commenced 35 capital projects simultaneously across the 17 local government areas of the state. The state government has a programme for each work it handles and each is being monitored by a resident engineer who reports back following his programme of work. The programme is reviewed on a daily basis to know the stage of progress. In other words, all the projects have their life span. It does not get more transparent than this!
Undoubtedly, Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi holds such an impressive resumé! He stands head high above his peers. He is a character predestined, a reputation preceding and a personality personified, his acts of benevolence stands out. As such, the society is proud and will continue to be proud seeing you exist and living.
Being a proud Super Lion,a graduate of our own UNN, “Gburugburu”,as he is fondly called, has always been delighted to pay us visits, delivering lectures and gracing us with words of advise.
We anxiously anticipate 5th May, as this prestigious institute of learning welcomes His Excellency Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi omce again, for a promising visit. We intend to bask in this opportunity of meeting the Governor in the event tagged, A DAY WITH THE GOVERNOR.

The SUG stands behind our GOVERNOR and proclaim their ever solid support for his administration. UNN remains open and more than welcome for this spectacular “common man”. A man who within the shortest and toughest time has carved his name on the annals of our time.We hope to gain more from this man that has been found worthy IN CHARACTER AND IN LEARNING.


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