The 2017 JAMB mock exams generated mixed feelings as several candidates which were interviewed had different views and perceptions towards the mock exam.

According to OLUWASEUN AKINWUNMI from Educational Advancement Centre, Bodija said Today’s mock is a bit more organized. Candidates were checked in as early as 6:30am and their finger print checked also. The four corners outside the exam hall were mounted with CCTV cameras. Apart from the finger prints that were checked, other measures put in place to prevent impersonation is the print-out of candidates particulars and pictures brought by JAMB. The first batch candidates were already settled by 8:00am, which is one hour late.

PAUL SHEDRACH from Lagos said it was okay, though few people made complains but I had no issue. It lasted for 120 minutes (2hrs) but almost all of us were done in just an hour. English Language had 60 questions – Five (5) comprehension questions, Ten (10) on registers, ten (10) from the novel, ten (10) orals, twenty – five (25) lexis and structures (antonyms, synonyms, Concords, implied meanings). The questions were okay, like that of a standard exams. The hall had CCTV cameras. The 8 keys make navigation easier and quicker (I guess that was one of the factor that led to an early submission). I came across five (5) past questions I have done before.

Another ADEWUNMI ZAINAB from Rising sun CBT centre, Ikotun said the questions were just too difficult and the options were very tricky and they were not from past questions at all. She said the grammars were also ambiguous and difficult to comprehend on time.

One other lady identified as MARIAM from the University of Lagos CBT centre said the questions are not really friendly and no past questions were asked and was totally fresh.

Another candidate YEMI ADARANIJO expresses his plight that some questions are incomplete and the CBT server was not good at all because answers load quickly before questions.

We found out that many were actually misconstrued information. JAMB never said use of mouse has been scrapped, they said there would be introduction of 8-digits key system for equity and to eradicate phobia for mouse exhibited by some candidates. Hence, candidates is free to make use of mouse or the simple keyboard system depending on the user.

Secondly, new questions were asked, few from past questions, read widely. Candidates who did today’s mock should endeavour to check out for the answers because they will come across few of the questions in their main exams.

NOTE: The mock exam intention is to familiarise candidates with the new exam development and no marks will be added to candidates in the main exam. There is no penalty for candidates who fails to partake in the mock exam.


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