Our Dear Vice Chancellor and the management team, I bring you all warm greetings in the name euphoria of arrears Easter.
I want to use this special medium to commend your efforts to ensure students return back to campus as soonest for the completion of their harmattan semester 2016/2017 Session. But sir, With due respect I must condemn your inhuman decisions that are engrossed with so much greed and wickedness.

We the students of this great Citadel of learning have tried our best to remain peaceful after the February 17th incidence but I’m sorry to say that you are taking our quietness for granted.

First, was your no bike policy which we are yet to see your alternatives because as for your Moluwe called Shuttle, its not an option at all.

Secondly, is the expulsion of Six final year Students. _Sir if I may ask, how will you feel if your son is in final year is being expelled because he decided to speak out when things were going wrong. Where on earth do you pass judgement on people without trials?
I’m sorry to say that for barely (8)months in office you have demonstrated nothing but tyranny in your leadership.

To worsen the matter you came up with the worst decision which is imposition of damage fee of #12,500 on us.
My VC sir, to the best of my knowledge, FUTO admits average of 5,000 students yearly totaling up to 25,000 FUTOites and each student is meant to pay #12,500.
If I know my Mathematics very well this sums up to #312,500,000million. _What on earth did we damage? Glasses and systems in ICT is it what amounts to this?
Now I’m beginning to believe the rumours that you sold all you have just to assume the position of ordinary VC. Don’t think you have achieved anything.
Your mate somewhere is a Governor, Senator etcetera, what have you and here you are thinking that the position of VC is that of gate keeper in heaven.
My VC sir, to the best of my knowledge, in other institutions students pay their school fees even after final year exams during clearance.

Why is our own different? Why are we paying higher that our sister schools yet you force us to pay before we can write  first semester examinations. With due respect sir, for peace to reign, kindly call back the “expelled students”, reduce our tuition fees and the so called damage fee to maximum of #5000 or else FUTO will cease to exist because there will be no FUTO without students or lectures.
Thank you and God bless you and give you the grace to have more senses.


We the Concerned Students of Great FUTO, after our close door meeting, we have agreed to resume school under the following Conditions.

1.) Mr. VC Eze reduces FUTO Tuition Fees to a bearable amount.
2.) That a standard Shuttle system should be introduced in the school to replace the banned bike and not the Moluwe you call Shuttle.
3.) That the expelled Students should be called back with immediate effect.
4.) That the damage fee be reduce to #5,000.

Sir, once these conditions are met, kindly inform us for resumption else you’ll remain in school alone…

Yours in Service
The Chairman

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