By Idongesit Imuk

Follow the live feeds for Mr and Miss UNICAL 2017 event at the cultural centre, main bowl…


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8:14pm team arrive cultural centre venue

8:14pm: Guests, event organizers, media crews and contestants arrive venue

8:17pm: Main bowl cultural centre is agog with activities… People posing for the paparazzi, media men and women bustling around with cameras, the event organizers trying to control the crowd flooding in.

8:24pm: Music still playing from within main bowl, cultural centre.

8:27pm: …down at the entrance of the venue, Cross River broadcasting Corporation (CRBC) station their cameras and make full use of the pre-event time with interviews, mini talkshows and ofcourse, swagger!!!

Media teams set up at entrance of auditorium

8:29pm: Venue is slowly filling with people. Onstage music takes…

8:37pm: Music continues… venue fills up slowly

8:42pm: Ushers arrive… Here at the backstage, contestants make hasty preparations as “the moment” draws close.

8:45pm: music continues…”nonstop”

8:50pm: Right out from the backstage room, Mr and Miss Unical 2016 walk down the stage and take their seats. The first row seems to be occupied by “oldschools” in the game.

8:58pm: Music continues as people keep trooping into venue. Media men and women position, re-adjust and set cameras. Backstage, a voice is heard “..ladies and gentlemen, are we ready?”

9:01pm: Music continues…clearly the backstage voice was a way to tell bored sitters,” patience please!”

Kampusareablog are amongst the sponsors of the Mr and Miss Unical 2017 event.The CEO, Daniel Faithful, played a major role in the planning of the event in collaboration with the Director of socials, SUG University of Calabar. Kampusareablog is Nigeria’s trending and biggest campus blog.

9:13pm: Music continues. A projector displays random pictures of the contestants.

9:21pm: Projector picture slide continues. Ushers are doing a great job with seating arrangement.

9:27pm: From projector slide pictures, contestants seem to have been doing a great job behind-the-scenes. Pictures depict them carrying out what their goals are should they win the much-coveted crown. Goals range from “good health and wellbeing, quality education, no poverty, climate action, industry innovation,work and economic growth, affordable and clean energy, banking and finance, climate action, responsible consumption and production, life on land, peace, justice and strong institution, clean water and health to goodhealth and wellbeing.”

These are all part of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, from which the team is drawn.

Kampusareablog crew members present at venue of event: Daniel-Faithful, Orhughul Usha, Idongesit Imuk, Abraham Umoh and Henry Ndifon. Kampusareablog is Nigeria’s fastest growing campus blog.

9:39pm: Music continues… the MC goes on stage and announces,”.. ladies and gentlemen,the show is about to get  started…” music continues

9:41pm: “…ladies and gentlemen,from the office of the Director of Socials, UNICAL, we say thank you to our proud sponsors…”  the M.C. announces.

9:45pm: A cross section of royalties from various pageantries pose for pictures at the red carpet, Amonsgt them is Mr and Miss Unical 2016.

9:48pm: The M.C. can be heard telling the DJ..”alright… ” and he takes up the stage. The event has obviously begun. “…without God, everything is impossible...” he says as he invites Senator Peter ‘Petoma‘ to take over the opening prayer of the event. He begins to pray…

9:52pm: He is done praying and the MC takes over once again. He invites the audience to stand to their feet as the natonal anthem is being sung. The crowd groans in reluctance. The anthem is being sung however. “peace and unity…” The M.C. calls for performance by a dance group.

9:55pm: Two girls, aged about eight years each take over stage with breathtaking dance steps. The crowd cheer and applaud in admiration.

9:57pm: The girls are still displaying their dance steps to intoxicating rhythms.

9:58pm: The girls vacate the stage and MC takes over stage. He appreciates Fidelity bank, AISEC in calabar, Kampusareablog, Sel d’afrique and many more sponsors. He introduces himself as M.C. Brown. “… now turn to your neighbour and say neighbour, you wowo..” he jokes

Host of the night: M.C Who-kes… (pronounced who cares)


10:03pm: Whokes takes over stage..”my name is whokes, special adviser to Obong of Calabar on witchcraft matters. He calls on his co-host who will later, present the judges…”ladies and gentlemen make some noise for the best DJ in Calabar”... The co-host takes the stage in a shimmering long coffee brown dress. She calls on the judges..Mr Biase 2013 who is a medical doctor and one time SUG Senate president, Dr Owai Promise.

Co-host Ms. Eni Johnsosn

10:07pm: She calls on Miss Blessing Ukopong, Face of Ankara Nigeria-Western Region and Mr. Prince Nelson, Face of University Nigeria…the MC announces,”…there are over 50 contestants…

10:12pm:  D.J D2 is invited to unreel his reel. He doesn’t disappoint… The music is intoxicating!


10:16pm Mr and Miss unical 2016 are invited to the stage.They step up.” miss unical,how has your reign been?” She replies,”…hmmm,” The crowd burst into laufhter.They are asked to dance for the last time officially.The DJ doesnt disappoint.They take the stage and do “their thing” their usual way.Mr Unical however seems to have a sentimental attachment to miss hnical’s waist.The crowd stand to catch a view of the dancers.

10:21pm: The co-host comes on stage and calls on the contestants to “get ready!” She tries to crack a joke which leaves the audience seemingly-unmoved…She welcomes Mr and Miss Unical contestants for their unity dance. They line up onstage with blue and yellow t-shirts over black leggings. The DJ does his usual thing and as they set to doing what they do best, the crowd explodes.

Unity dance by MMU2017 contestants
Our contestants are at it…

10:26pm The music takes an even hotter pace and the dancers wriggle their bodies free of dance steps. They go off stage while music continues as the co-host takes over the stsge with her own dance steps which seem to electrify the audience. She seems to have lost control of herself as the host, M.C Who-kes comes on stage with one of his rib-cracking jokes…

10:30pm: “Q-base” is called up. He takes on the crowd with a wonderful performance as he jumps, staggers and kicks to the beats of the music..

10:33pm: he seems to loose control of himself as he “dances for the gods!”

10:34pm: Q-base has never been better than this. He goes off stage as the host comes onstage. He calls on Mr Chris Nelson, current  FACE OF UNIVERSITIES NIGERIA.

He comes on stage. He confirms being from UNICAL “He is a malabite”. The host gives his story of fraustration as he failed to have a breakthrough in music then later “changed career…” He calls on M.C Brown as he vacates the stage. M.C Brown comes on again, of course with a little joke to spur his audience.


10:39pm: M.C Brown still on stage with a rib-cracking joke of mother-tongue interference amongst the different nigerian tribes.

10:41pm: M.C Brown still on his jokes…

10:44pm: M.C Brown..”illiterate,illiterater,illiteratest…”

10:45pm M.C Brown still bothering on this issue of “nigerian girls and lies.” The crowd can’t help but laugh.

10:49pm: M.C Brown reminds the crowd of the “operation changeboxers” that took over Malabor republic about a year ago.

10:51pm: M.C Brown goes offstage while the co-host comes on …introducing the contestants, “are you ready contestants?” She announces.

Contestant 01 is called up…she takes stage displaying her catwalking skills. Her name is Blessing Mica, she is from Imo state.

10:54pm: Contestant 02 dropped and the next contestant is..the co-host goes off stage and comes back soon. Contestsnt 03 is called and the crowd explodes…He is Okachukwu Uchenna Jerry, Imo state. 5′ 10 in height. He is a 300 student of Political science.

Contestant 04 is called up, the crowd goes up in screams…”slaymama!!” they scream. Her name is Onyinye, she is from Onitsha. 300 level medicine and surgery. She leaves the stage as crowd applauds.

10:58pm: Contestant 5 takes up stage.He is Richard Unmana. He is from Akwa Ibom state and 300 level medicine and surgery. He is 6 feets tall and dark in complexion. His mentor: Emanah Alexis, 500 level student medicine and surgery.

11:00pm: Contestant 06 is called up. He is Anyaele Success, 300 level student of anatomy and has little to say but his moves were killer moves.

Contestant 07 is called up.He is Kalu Kingsley samuel. 300 level Human anatomy student. He is from Abia state, he states his profile…

11:04pm: The host takes over the mic from the co-host. Contestsnt 08 comes up, She is Angela Patrick. She is 5’5feet tall, 200 level of English and Literary studies.

11:06pm: Con. 10 comes up. She is Agnes Ushie. She is cross riverian and is a 300 level student of social science. She is 5’7 feet tall.

11:08pm:Con. 12 comes up. He is Anthony Adaka, He is 6 feet tall,his dislikes are dishonesty and cheating.

Con 13 is called up. She is Esther Effiong Okon,She displays wonderful moves. She is a student of the faculty of law and  is 5’4 feet tall.

11:10pm: Con. 14 is called up. He is Richard Okpleya and is cross riverian. 200 level of English and Literary studies.

Con.15 is called up and He is Henry Otareh, 400 level student of medicine and surgery. He is 6 feet tall, He gives a wonderful philosophy of life.

11:12pm: Con. 16 is called up. He is Emmanuel Ita Bassey. He is inaudible and the audience can be heard grumbling and complaining. He speaks of Pope Francis as his role model.

Con. 18 is called up. She is Mary-Hilda Ibe. She speaks fast and leaves the stage. Con. 19 comes up and she is Dooshima Gbaa. She is eloquent and is from Benue state and studies political science. She is 5’9″ tall Her philosophy is that of courage.

11:17pm: Con.20 comes up and she is Affiong Edet.She is from Akwa Ibom state, 300 level student ofbiological sciences and is 5’4 feet tall.

11:19pm: Con. 21. He is Felix Aqua and is Cross-riverian. A 200 level student of UNICAL. His philosophy is that of life.

Con.25 comes on stage. She is Caroline Ongaya. She replies in a velvet alto voice, She is a 200 level student of genetics and biotechnology. Her philosophy is that of character.

Con.26 comes up and he is Akachukwu Sanctus. He is a 200 level of the faculty of arts and is from Imo state.

Con. 27 comes on, She is Eyan Okib Oyeb. She has graceful walking steps.She is of the department of animal science. She is cross-riverian and her philosophy is that of rising above average.

Con.28 comes up and is from cross river, a 200  level student of education social sciences.

Con.29 comes up, She is tall. Her name is God’s favour Amoundi and she is from Cross River, an 100 level student of human anatomy.She is 6’2 feet tall.

11:26pm: Con. 30 is Ewim Ifechukwu, He is from Anambra state a 200 level student of UNICAL. He is 5’7 feet tall. His philosophy is of progress.

Con. 32 comes up as the crowd explodes. He seems to be favoured by the audience. He is Samuel Obong and is a student of theatre arts. He is a Cross-riverian and is very bold.

11:29pm: Con.35 comes up, She is Anna Mbua Obi, She takes her time as she makes her moves. A 300 level student of history and international studies. She is Cross-riverian. Her philosophy is to “make everyday count.”

Con. 36 comes up. He is Icha Iwasam and is cross riverian, a 200 level student public health.

11:31pm: Con.37 is called up. Her name is Treasure Okibe. She is cross riverian and is a 100 level student of medicine and surgery. She is 5′ 11 feet.Con 39 is called up.She is 300 level microbiology.Her name is Miracle Ezenneji.Con 38 is called up.She is from Delta state.Her name is Chibuzo Nwokolo.Her philosophy is that of smile.

11:35pm: Con. 40 is called up.She is Jennifer Chidera. She is from Imo state. She is of the department of business management. Her philosophy is that of passion.

11:37pm: Con. 42 is called up. His is from Abia state and his name is Felix Khality and is an accountant in the making.

Con. 43 is called up, His name is Emmanuel Matin Ekpe. He is 5’9 feet tall. His mentor is Bishop Oyedepo.

Con. 44 is called up. His name is Sylvanus Godwin.He seems to have stage fright.

Con. 50 is called onstage, Her name is Victoria Eyo Okon. She is from Akwa Ibom state.a 300 level business education student, She is 5’7 feet tall. Her philosophy is of making most use of the present.

11:42pm: Con. 51 is called up,She is Sandra Ogban and is 200 level student of geography and environmental science. Her philosophy,”I will keep introducing myself until i stop being introduced.” Con 56 comes on stage.Her name is Blessing Etta.She is 100 level student of unical.She is cross riverian.She is 5′ 5 feet tall.

11:44pm Con 63 comes onstage…there is a delay as co host goes off stage shereturns shortly to call con 69.She comes onstage and displays captivating moves.Her name is Mfonobong Essien.She is 5′ 3feet tall.Her philosophy is that of reluctance being the only thing between one and greatness.

11:-47pm con 70 comes onsage.His name is Benjamjn usang Inyang.His philosophy is” a man who fails to plan,plans to fail.Con 63 comes on stage.His name is Emmanuel Okoi.He is cross riverian.

11:51pm Con 80 comes on.Her name is Happiness Udo.She is from Akwa Ibom state.300 level,vocational education.She is eloquent.Con 32 comes up.He is Taiwo Arnold.He is from Ogun state.He is from the faculty of law.

11:53pm the last contestant is called up.He is Emmanuel Okoi Uket.He seems to be disorganized as he makes very simple mistakes….

11:pm The DJ takes over

12:08am a 500 level student of medicine and surgery comes up with rap and stuns rhe crowd with his performance.

12:10am this medicine guy is making the most of his talent with his “…Jesus is boss” rap

12:16am the hosr creates a moment of fun demonstrating how yr 1 “virgins” dance and how the “freelance” final year students dance.The hall explodes as he welcomes SUG director of Socials..EGWU DANIEL popularly known as LADY WHITE.

12:18am Lady white comes on with astounding raps…the audience is held spellbound.

12:19am Lady white does her “thing” her own way.She is wow! Two other rappers join her onstage.

12:20am Lady white goes off stage as the fun-loving host comes online.

12:22am the host invites a dance group onstage.They file in..”BIGMASTERS.” Their performance is breathtaking.The Ekombi cultural dance group dance in with the same salsa beat.Amongst the dancers,Miss Malabor 2015.

12:27am the co host challenges the host to throw a catwalk..the host takes up the challenge as the crowd claps to the rhythm as the host,Senator Who-knows surprises everybody present with his catwalk moves.

12:30am The co host crowns her train of mistakes by addressing the acting SUG president,Comr.Nkpoikana-abasi Aniefiok “he” instead of a “she.” She goes on stage and addresses the crowd.

12:34am cmr Isong Eugene,secretary general.Cmr Bamidele Precious,deputy secretary general is recognized.Cmr Emmanuel Peter,director of welfare,SUG UNICAL

12:36am the co host announces the 2nd stage which involves eviction.

12:38am the contestants are all being called on stage.They file in while Celine Dion’s “I’m alive” is being played.The contestants take time to show off their walking skills.

12:40am song goes off and a judge tells them they will not be eliminated due to music disrupt.They are asked to go offstage and prepare for the next round.

12:44am The contestants go offstage.Co-host goes onstage.

12:45am cohost invites singer TUSH WORLD to stage.They appear to be rappers.

12:47am the crowd goes gaga as they do their thing their own way.

12:47am stage light goes off. “I sabi who i be no be mistake”, they croon.

12:48am these guys must be up to something.


12:49am They slow down rhe tempo of their music and go off stage.DJ takes over as the MC calls for light on stage.The time is 12:50 and today is 18th March,2017.The MC calls on JOHNNY CAGE aka “you never chi chumching.” YKS is called on stage.He comes onstage.The audience seem unimpressed by his performance.However,a part of the audience croon alongside him.

12:54am Etta Enyi,2015 Mr Unical enters venue and takes his seat infront.

12:55am The MC comes onstage.He jokingly hints that nigerian music i…the centre stage light comes on

12:57am the host comes onstage…SENATOR WHO-CARES

12:58am another performer,Davizy comes onstage with eminem-like beats. “…i make the raps stick,i make the rapsweet…”he croons.

1:00am Davizy still on his rap.This time he sings about love and the beauty of it. ”

1:02am THE DJ OF THE CENTURY!!! kampusarea votes

1:03am The host announces the presence of MC George,great camp

1:04am he calls on another performer who takes the stage.

1:07am he does well…and seems to rap effortlessly.He raps about a particular girl who is obssessed with him but yet pretends.

1:08am he goes offline and hands over the mic to senator who-cares.He introduces his co-host,as a one time contestant who featured on Most beautiful face in Nigeria 2016.

1:10am The cojost  calls on the contestants to get ready to showcase their talents..con 01 is dancing.She goes straight to the point as she begins showing off her skills.Just now,an entourage of young men dressed in black suits snd well shaven file in.They appear to be the entourage of the incumbent CUMSA president,Aimee Idoko.They go over to the left side of the building and take their seats.

1:15am con 03 is called uo who presents a poem titled”SLEEP WELL MUM.”Con 04 comes up.This girl does something to the audience with her stage presence.She is singing.She sinhs Alicia Keys’ WE ARE ONE.

1:17am con 05 is called up.He presents a poem sat in tattered clothes.HE IS GOOD!!! A wonderful performance for a medical student.

1:20am con 06 is called up.He is a wonderful singer and performer.JUSTIN BEIBER!!

1:21am con 07 is called up.He sings but the the crowd seem displeased…wait!! there is an ovation.They seem to be carried away ..wait!! “AWAY!!!” the crowd chant in  unison.Too bad for con 07.Con 08 comes up with a poem..dramatizing the stench of poverty on the land.She gets a standing ovation as she ends her ode with “there is future for Nigeria.”

1:26am con 10 comes up with a ward coat and sets to dancing.She is wonderful in stage.She takes off the ward coat to reveal a set of dancing costumes and goes wild with dancing.She goes wild with dancing.

1:28am con 12 is called up.He wants to dance and sjng..”MAD OVER YOU.” He starts well and the crowd goes wild.He is calm on stage but sends the crowd wild with ,” be my woman.

1:30am con 13 comes up with a song by Beyonce,”LISTEN.”

1:32am con 14 comes in looking strange then..”..a dance drama..” this guy is WOW! He seems to be dramatizing a man who is fed up with life and decides to work jnorder ro succeed.”He finally reaps the fruit of his labour.

1:34am the crowd explodes as con 14 goes offstage.The cohost calls up the delegates of Fidelity bank.

1:39am Fidelity bank officials come onstage and give their own part of the story.They are grateful for the huge turnup for the event.

1:44am Fidelty bank representatives are giving out free umbrellas and have promised to brand students for the labour market.

1:45am con 15 comes onstage…he is looking so tall however,the crowd seems to be bored by his speech.He goes offstage.

1:48am Con 16 comes on so dramatic.Dressed in slave costumes,he demonstrates the freedkm process of the black african slave.

1:50am con 18 comes on wrapped up in the nigerian flag and speaks with such vehemence and strength of a country that has a future.

1:51am con 19 comes up drabbed in a war regalia.Ironically,she speaks snd cries for peace amongst the people.

A dance group takes the stage


1:54am con 20 is called up.She mounts d stage and declares her intention to draw..”in two minutes??” the crowd echo.

1:56am she is sitted there,backing the stage..she has been interrupted.Con 24 is called up.He wants to act.He is dressed in a long white kaftan.He quickly removes it  to reveal him  dressed the english way.He is fraustrated but finds a way to move on.

2:01am the funny host comes on stage with his jokes.Host announces that Unical SUG elections comes up April 7th 2017.Con 25 comes on.She is dancing.She is wonderful.

2:03am con 26 is called up.He is doing a dramatalk.

2:06am con 26 is called up.Fidelity bank representatives come up with their umbrellas,packages and a generator for the the winner of the mr and miss unical 2017

2:10am con 29 is called up.She is very tall.She wants to sing…READ ALL ABOUT IT by Emily Sanders,she sings.Crowd goes wild as she sings on.

2:13am con 30 comes on stsge.He wants to sing.WE ARE THE WORLD by Michael Jackson.

2:16am senator who-cares takes over.Con 31 comes up.He wants to dance and…but the DJ sesms to be havjng issues..okay..iys on.The crowd goes wild ashe disolays very serious snd intense dance steps.The crowd gives him a standing ovation.

2:21am Con 21 took the audience unawares.Con 27nis called up.She wants to sing PRETTY HURTS by Beyonce.She is calm but doing her stuff slowly.

2:24am con 28 comes up with HERO by Mariah Carey.She is wonderful.

2:28am con 34 comes up.She wants to do and dance.She does a poem and dance drama.She seems to be asking the lecturer’s a question .then!! She suddenly breaks into a wild zulu dance.

2:31am con 36 comes on to sing.He dresses the “micjael jackson” way yet does a slow melody.He does a gospel sing,”HALLELUYAH.” A woman who seems to be his mother walks upstage and hugs him.How lovely!

2:35am Who-cares makes a joke of it.

2:37am cin 37 comes with a poem which seems to upset the audience.She does a talkdrama with a background music playimg.Her talk bothers from on quenching hunger frkm the land.

2:40am con 38 comes up.She comes with Adele’s SET FIRE TO THE RAIN.It’s an awesome

2:42am This girl is setting fire to the main bowl..right here..and it’s burning.Burning,burning…

2:43am MC George is called up.?..he seems to be a funny one.”…UNICAL una no win sleep tonight?” He begins..He is a comedian…”..Michael Jackson was the best performer so far..he lived snd died 50 years…just imagine Michael Jackson festuring Davidson.” He tries to create a funny scenario of the clash between western music and music of west african origin.

cross section of contestants rehearsing

2:51am Mc George..still on his issues with “rapgods” worldwide.

Kampusarea crew still at the venue of the event live.Minute to minute updates of events here at cultural centre,Calabor.Face of culture cross river show group are on stage already…ready…oh they are offstage.

2:55am con 41 is on stage perdormjng…she is…oh Beyonce’s singing, IF I WERE A BOY.She is an ambassador for gender equality so it’s a show of..con 40 is called up

2:58am she wants to dance…She seems to be an exoctic dancer.She is a wonderful dancer.

3:00am con 42 is called up.He walks into stage attired in an “ndichie”..oh,the music is on and there is a wild dancer on the stage.Con 43 comes on stage.He is doing a remix of Asa’s MR JAILER…The crowd croons alongside.He does his thing in a calm way but drives home his message as his audience sings alongside him.

3:05am Musoc jnterlide.The host is back on stage,Senator Who-cares.

3:07am while the judges put heads together to decide the result of the first stage of the competition,the host of event,Sen Who-cares entertains his audience with perculiar dance styles.

3:10am con 44 is on stage.He comes on with a guitar and takes s seat on the stage.Then he gets up and sings.He is making a good impact on his audience

3:14am con 50 is being called up.She is singjng WE ARE HERE by Alicia Keys.

3:17am con 51 is called onstage.She is acting.She seems to be burdened and keeps falling  and rising.She struggles to rise and finally conquers .

3:20am con 56 is called up to stage.She is performing a dramaric poem.She is NIGERIA,beaten and torn by war,hunger and strife but strives ro defend her dignity.

3:22am  con 61 is called up.He wants to dance and …it’s the efik’s EKOMBI.

3:25am con 63 is called onstage.He  is singing.IF TO SAY NA JUST ME by Tuface.

3:26am this guy could pass dor tuface’s doppleganger.Con 69 is called up to stage.She is on stage.And wants to dance dances from different countries to signify unity.She hoes ZULU on stage.

3:29am con 70 is here.He is singjng

3:32am con 80nis on stage armed with a saxophone.She just finsihed “saxing” the nigerian national anthem.Con 82 is here.Time is farspent.The time is 3:34am.It is 28th March,2017.This guy is an advocate for peace.He engages in a pantomime.

3:36am con 83 is up on stage.He seems to be depicting xenophobia in africa.

A contestant leaves the stage

3:39am rhe host is on stage..senator who-cares…he is calling for a presentation but the audience murmirs in disagreement.

3:41am AIESEC representatives are on stage.”…most of the problems in the world can be solved only by youths.”

3:46am Senator whokes still on the mic.He calls in a dance group XTREMEFLUX.They are on stage.A guy sucked up in a tornado dance is on stahg.More guys join him as the music changes.

3:49am Whizzy is on stage..”malabor stars” the vice president of AIESEIC sitting close remarks..

3:51am these whizzy guys are doing the “twister” kind of raps right on stage.

3:53am The judges are speaking…elimination has begun..only 16 contestants will survive this stage.The DJ takes over for the mean time.

3:57am the contestants are filing out on stage.

3:58am the judges are speaking..the criteria used in judging:He starts with the cons 14,31,5,06,12,03,16 and 36 for male category. For the female category 18,35,50,28,56,80,38 and 08 are being selected.The rest are eliminated.

4:17am: A singer is doing the famous HALLELUYAH song on stage.He ends song and goes off..”…see you next year,thank you”

4:18am the cohost comes on again.

4:21am a dance group comes on to perform.They are currently performing.Look like these guys dance for a living.Captivating performance.

4:29am the host is slowly making a clown of himself to the merriment of his audience…TT comes on stage.TT for Talkest talker.

4:33am the consultants are being called back on stage..while music plays in background.The DJ obviously is an experienced one.

4:35am contestants file out 8 males and 8 females each.Questions are being asked.Con 3 sgeos forward,a male..Uchenna Jerry Ukachukwu.The question comes,”What continent is Canada in ?” He  answers,”North America!” and..he is correct.Contestant 5 is faced with his question,”what is the name of the deputy governor of Cross River state?” He answers “Professor Ivara Esu.And he is…correct.Con 06 is faced with his question,”when did Nigeria become a republic?” And he answers”1963″ and he is…correct. con 12 is faced with his question,”how many local govts do we have in cross River state?” “18” and he is…correct.Con 14 is faced with his question,”what is the name of the SUG financial secretary.”Ezenwa Peace comr” and..,he is correct.Con 16 is faced with his question,”what is the name of the former governor of cross river state?” “The gover…” he stammers…”The name of the former governer of cross river state was Liyel Imoke..” and he is…right though he didnt address him as “senator.” Con 31 is on the hot seat.”what is the name of the DVC academics?” “Dr Emmanuel …” And he is wrong.The answer is “Dr (mrs) Florence Obi .Con 36 “what is the name of the nigerian vice president And his wife?” “Prof Osinbanjo but i really don’t know the wife.”

4:48am con 8 “what is the name of the former vice chancellor of the university of calabar?” “Professor James Ekpoke” and she is…right.Con 18 is on the hot seat,”when a traffic light shows red,what does it signify?” “It signifies stop” and she is right! Con 28 is on the hot seat,”what is the full meaning of SUG?” “Students’ Union Government.”And she is…rightCon 35 is up for questioning,”which company built Niger bridge?” “The Niger Delta Development Comission” and she is..wrong.The answer is Julius Berger.Con 38,what is the name of the nigerian deputy president?”  “I’m sorry,i have no idea.” “Senator Ike Ekwere Ahmadu.” Con 50 is up for questioning.”What is the full name of the SUG director of Socials?” “Cmr Victor Iheanacho.”Con 56 “Who designed the nigerian flag?” “Mr Emmanuel Imayawu…oh Mr Michael Taiwo” the crowd is annoyed.She is asked to wait as she missed the question.Con 80,”

4:59am  con 80 “-what is the name of the SUG director of Information?” “I have no idea.” Con 36,16 and 31 have been asked to step back.

5:01am con 35,38,80 have been asked to go backstage alongside con 36,16 and 31.They have just been disqualified.

5:05am Event host,whokes is on the mic once again.

5:11am There are 4 guys on stage.One of them appears to be reading a poem which sounds like a call for unoty in Nigeria.The 3 others guys are painting.They are painting a human face and…they are done.The finalists are called on stage.

A contestant on stage with the co host


5:22am con 28″what is the name of the vice chancellor of unical?” “Prof Zana Akpagu” and she is correct. con 08 “what is the name of the current miss unical?” “Miss victoria iwonye iwara”she is wrong.Con 56 “how many continents are in the world?” “7 continents in the world.” Con 18″what is the full name of the current Mr Unical?”” Mr Godwin Ikpabidi Kasi.”and she is..correct.

5:26am “con 03 “what is the name of the registrar of unical?” “Mr Abang Moses” he is correct.Con 05 “which local govt is Obudu cattle govt ranch located?” “Obudu.”He is wrong.The correct answer is Obanliku.Con 06 “mention any unical pro-chancellor.” “Prof Emmanuel Inyanya.” He is wrong .”Prof Emmanuel Inyamya.” Con 12 “what is the motto of university of Calabar?” “Knowledge for service.” Con 14 “what is the name of the confluence town in Nigeria?” Onitsha” He is wrong.The answer is Lokoja.

Kampus areablog still live in air.

5:37am MOST CREATIVE MALE AND FEMALE…sponsored by Mr Fashion Cross River.He comes on stage.Contestant 69 and 61 win the awards.

5:42am Award for Mr Congenality..con 42 wins presented by Mr hnical 2016.Miss congeniality goes to con 25 and it is presented by Mr Unical.

5:42am MODEL OF THE YEAR cin 35 for females.Con 12 for males all presented by Mr Unical 2016.

5:44am Final winners…-3rd runner up male: Con 5..Richard Unmana Aniefon.2nd runner up males: Con 06:Chibukem Anyaele..MR UNICAL 2017 con 02 Uchenna Ukachukwu.1st runner up:con 12 1st runner up:

5:50am..3rd runner upcon 56 Etta Blessing..2nd runner up con 18:Maryhilda Ben 1st runner up:Con 50: Victoria Okon..MISS UNICAL 2017 :Con 28:JOY INI

Event ends…..

reporting live from cultuural centre,main bowl live…for kampusareablog..IDONGESIT IMUK..

Signing out!

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