30. Ogban Sandra Martyns, 21 year old contestant who likes singing and dancing.

Role Model: Mum

Philosophy:  I will keep introducing myself till the day I stop being introduced.

31. Uket Emmanuel Okoi, 24 year old contestant who enjoys singing and playing games.

Role Model: Dad

Philosophy: Be Good to People

32. Etta Blessing Etta, 20 year old with interest in literature, has reading, acting and dancing as hobbies.

Role Model: Dad

Philosophy: Those who endure till the end shall wear the crown of Glory.

33. Aya Oscar Edodi, 20 year old who has interest in physical fitness, with hobbies in skating, swimming and gyming.

Role Model: Dad

Philosophy: Everybody has the power to make someone else happy.

What do you hope to achieve through #MMU2017? If I am oppurtuned to become Mr. UNICAL, I will bring out the best in other upcoming models in unical and help in school affairs.

34. Adaka Anthony Idung, 19 year old contestant with special interest singing and loves playing football.

Role Model: Prof. Okon Uya

Philosophy: Never make promises when you are happy.

35. Gbaa Dooshima Charity, 19 year old contestant with special interest in Modelling, Reading amd acting.

Role Model: Alicia Keys

Philosophy: Nothing can be done in the world without courage,it isthe greatest quality of mind next to honor.

36. Icha Emmanuel, 18 year old contestant with special interest in singing and dancing.

Role model: Grand Ma.

Philosophy: I am not done, I have just begun.

37.Udo Happiness Joshua, 22 year old contestant who loves singing and reading .

Role Model: Agbani Darego

Philosophy: Tough times never last, tough people do.


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