24. Nwokolo Prisca Chibuzor, 20 year old student of  science laboratory technology with a passion for acting.
Hobbies: Travelling

What do you hope to achieve through #MMU2017? When I become Miss UNICAL with the help of d school management I will ask for enough cleaners for the school and good waste disposals at every corner.

25. Ekpe Emmanuel Martin, 18 year old contestant with interest in good music.

Role Model: David Oyedepo

Philosophy: What you sow is what you will reap.


26. Taiwo Arnold, 22 year old contestant, who likes writing, dancing and playing football.

Role Model: Socrates

Philosophy: Man know thyself

What do you hope to achieve through #MMU2017? If I am oppurtuned to becomr Mr. UNICAL, I will help the younger generation realize their dreams early and work towards it no matter the obstacles.

27. Amoundi God’s-favour Kukwun, 16 year old, who happens to be youngest in the camp. She has a special interest in singing and also loves being on the sewing machine.

Role Model: Mum

28. Okon Esther Effiong, 19 year old student who loves singing, dancing, writing and modelling.

Role Model: Rejoice Iwueze

Philosophy: Live a life to impress the creator and not the creation.


29. Ushie Claire Adung, 20 year old contestant who loves dancing and cooking.

Role Model: Mum

Philosphy: Leadership by example

What do you hope to achieve through #MMU2017? When I win Miss UNICAL 2017, Ipromise to organise free medical screening(like HIV test) for malabites and malabresses to help for a better well-being and good health.

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