17. Offoboche Maria Oyilichi,  20 year old student of Vocational Education, with passion for God.

Hobbies; Playing, Dancing, Cooking, Swimming, Reading.

What do you to achieve through #MMU2017? To Build Self confidence, Communication and leadership skills, interviews, poise, oppurtinities, Friends and family, the Crown.

18. Inyang Benjamin Usang, 19 years old student of  English and Literary studies with passion for Entertainment.
Hobbies; Singing, Dancing, Reading, Cooking, Having fun.
What do you  hope to achieve through #MMU2017: To be able to expand my horizon and explore life options as well as to be of positive influence on the student body as whole through different pet projects I have to offer.


19. Miracle Chinwendu Ezenneji; 21 years old student of  Microbiology with passion for fashion designing.       Hobbies; Dancing, Traveling and Reading books.

What do you hope to achieve through #MMU2017? I want to use the platform of miss unical to fight for the violation of rights of girls not just in school but everywhere. This is where global goal 5 comes in.

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