13. Kalu Kingsley Samuel, 19 year old student of Human  Anatomy. With passion for  music, modelling, teaching and helping others.
Hobbies; Reading, Dancing and Cooking.
What do you to achieve through #MMU2017: My primary reason for joining this pageant is to develop and boost my self-esteem and self confidence.  And a platform to suppport the protection of our environment.


14. Okpleya Richard, 21 year old student of 
English and Literary Studies  with a passion for perfection and excellence.
Hobbies: rapping and dancing.
What do you to achieve through #MMU2017: I hope to get enough experience to help me in my future quest also to be a disciplinarian after this contest.

15.  MARYHILDA BEN IBE, 17 year old student of  English and Literary Studies with a passion for writing and  singing.
Hobbies; Singing, Reading, Modelling and Travelling.
What do you to achieve through #MMU2017?  I will like to heighten my capabilities, self-esteem, confidence and also learn to abide by discipline as emphasized by the program co-ordinators.

16. Ukachukwu Uchenna, 21 year old student of  Political science with passion for Acting.
Hobbies; Acting, Singing and Presenting.

What do you hope to achieve through #MMU2017? I intend to see my dreams been realized.

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