9. ANYAELE CHIBUIKEM SUCCESS, 21 year old student of Human Anatomy with passion for music, technological trends, fashion, and nature.          Hobbies; Listening to good music, touring, eating etc.

What do you to achieve through #MMU2017?Bridging the gap of youths’ unwillingness to effect positive change around their geographical zones. Also I’ll improve the relationship amongst the regional, national and international bodies (eg University of Calabar with The United Nation) and by so doing being the Ambassador to pioneer the set out goals..(Mostly Partnership for The Goals which is The 17th SDG)

10. Ekanem Samuel Obong,  20 year old student of Theatre and media studies
With passion for Singing, dancing, acting, hair stylist/makeup artist, creative wear designing e.t.c
Hobbies‬; Music.
What do you to achieve through #MMU2017?‬ I hope to achieve success and perfection to be able to represent and carry the name of the school.

11. Angela Patrick, 19 year old with passion for writing.
Hobbies; Dancing and swimming.   What do you to achieve through #MMU2017?‬   I’ll mobilise the students and organise talent shows and trainings on the SDGs so we all can work together and achieve these goals.

12. Ekwulonu Akachukwu Sanctus, 21 year old student of  English and Literary Studies with a passion for music
Hobbies: Playing basketball.

What do you to achieve through #MMU2017? I hope to enlighten students on the importance of skill acquisition so that while in or after school you could have things to hold on to.

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