5.  Sylvanus Ogar Godwin, 23 year old
student of Human Anatomy.  He has passion for good music, sports, and fashion.                                             Hobbies: singing, reading, playing/watching football, cooking, traveling, hanging out with friends.
What do you hope to achieve through #MMU2017?: A step up of my game in fashion and creativity.

6. EYO, VICTORIA OKON,  22 year old student of  Vocational education. She has passion for giving good counsel to people.
Hobbies: Singing and reading novels
What do you to achieve through #MMU2017? To be the best.

7. Ibanga Utibe Effiong, 21 year old student of environmental biology and zoology. He has passion for modeling and soccer.
Hobbies; Dancing, playing football and drawing
What do you to achieve through #MMU2017? I hope to achieve good training against the contest and also excellence in learning and character.

8. Aqua Felix Beto,  20 year old student of Physiology. He has passion for fashion, modelling and acting.
Hobbies; Singing, Dancing and Travelling.
What do you to achieve through #MMU2017?The ability to lead and also serve others.

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