The University of Ilorin (UNILORIN) Students Union President, Comrade Sobowale Lukman Olawale has reportedly being publicly humiliated after given a hot slap in the face by the Sub Dean of Engineering, identified as Dr Ajiboye.

The incident according to one of the students occurred when Comrade Sobowale tried to solicit for help for students of the college of Health Sciences, Oke-Oyi who were delayed from writing their exams at the Computer Based Test (CBT) centre.

According to reports the Sug president stated that he left for the CBT centre early in the morning in order to help the students and for the whole process to be fast.
On getting there, he tried soliciting for students of the college of Health Sciences, Oke-Oyi, who were delayed over some technical issues. He solicited for the students so that they can write their exam early and go back to their various destination.

Reacting to this, Dean told him to step back, which he reportedly did. However, the Dean then insisted he get out of the CBT office completely. When Comrade Sobowale tried explaining that he is the Student’s Union President, the Sub Dean allegedly refused to give him attention but angrily slapped him on the face. Report also stated that the students on seeing this got angry but the president calmed them down.

Courtesy: Futoboy

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