KampusAreaBlog Face Of The Week:Contest Summary, First Edition Winners and Prizes.

Good day and a happy weekend to everyone. This post follows the successful conclusion of the 1st edition of the KampusAreaBlog face of the week. Indeed this edition far exceeded expectations and was greatly encouraging, having 19 beautiful faces contesting (though sadly it boiled down to a matter of votes). 

The course of the competitions:

The Competition was indeed fierce with David Owan seizing the first place early enough with 4 votes.  The mood of the competition was set in by Innocent Alli and Ms Nanret who took the vote counter way off the other contestants, Ms. Nanret clinched first place but not for too longs as she was dislodged by Innocent Alli, thus setting tempo for the rest of the voting period.

The game changed with different names taking the spot-light, worthy of note in this edition is Ms. Nanret Ekpeyong who held on the first place for the longest time running (24 hours). She was given a run for her money literally as Ms. Gabriella also seized the enviable position for at least an hour, then came ferocious Opus Nengia surely the young man meant business drove up from 4th place toppled everyone and led on with more than a 150 votes advantage.

At this point the dynamics changed and the competition for the first 2 was between Nanret and Nengia, with good enough followership showing dedicated support on their timeline. Joy Ezewu slipped from 3rd place to Ms. Gabriella Swem then to Ms. Collete-Cynthia Matthew ( the beautiful twin who insisted they contest as one) who flew up to 3rd from 16th position at a moment the competition had gone far, (deserving of special recognition).

By Saturday with about  20 hours to the end of voting, the competition was between Opus Nengia and Nanret Ekpeyong who exchanged turn on the golden seat.

The Final Deciding Moments…

With 3 hours to spare Nanret managed to upturn a 50+ vote lead to end up with 15 votes advantage to win this weeks edition.

It was indeed beautiful and exciting…

To all the contestant who tried their best, we appreciate Y’all, we had like to hear from you (use the comment section, send us a direct message on facebook or Instagram).

The prizes…

Winner >>> 500,000kobo(winks)

1st runner up>>> One month data subscription.


Ms. Nanret Ekpeyong and Mr. Opus Nengia are to forward your details to us through our handles.

After redemption please make a short post tag us and use the comment section.


Second Edition

For the Second Edition  K.A.B F.OT.W contest, entries have begun till Wednesday 15th March, get your pictures across to us, your friends and is also open to all who contested this week (yes, so get your army ready again).

We hope to increase the reach of the contest so do well to share this post and tag friends, encourage them to participate.

It’s been a beautiful Sunday, Do enjoy the rest of your evening.


Comment section is open.

2 thoughts on “KampusAreaBlog Face Of The Week:Contest Summary, First Edition Winners and Prizes.”

  1. Indeed the contest was interesting. Congratulations to Narnet Ekpeyomg and her team, u guys really did a great job. To tell the truth, we made the contest interesting nd popular by publicizing it while canversing for votes. I thank the organizers buh i urge dem to try to increase the prizes in the subsequent contests. Thank y’all, bye

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    1. Heyyy Opus Nengia, thank you. Believe me when I say you put up a good competition. Thanks to everyone that put in hard work to push us to first place. I’m most grateful beyond measure


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