KampusAreaBlog Presents the First Edition of Face of The Week Contest.  The First Edition had a short time for entries but yet was able to pull out 18 bold contestants brave enough to get their faces out there.

Without further ado, We present the beautiful faces for the contest.



1. Multiple voting is allowed

2. Repeated Voting is allowed after an hour (1hour)

3. Ensure You follow our Facebook and Instagram Page.

4. Drop your comments in the comment section below.

So let the voting begin…

Contestant No.  1

Ejike Igbokwe – Ibadan

Ejike Igbokwe

Contestant No. 2

Amara Offia – Calabar

Amara Offia

Contestant No. 3

Andrew Peter – Calabar

Andrew Peter

Contestant No.  4

Benny Wagoha- Portharcourt

Benny Wagoha


Contestant No. 5

Sotonye Bamson – Portharcourt

Sotonye Bamson

Contestant No. 6

Colette-Cynthia Matthew -Calabar

Colette-Cynthia Matthew

Contestant No.  7

Salome Epoke – Calabar

Salome Epoke


Contestant No. 8

Opus Nengia – Porthatcourt

Opus Nengia

Contestant No. 9

Gizi Johnson – Portharcourt

Gizi Johnson

Contestant No. 10

Nanret Ekpeyong – Abuja

Nanret Ekpeyong

Contestant No. 11

David Owan – Abuja

David Owan

Contestant No. 12

Maria Araga- Calabar

Maria Araga

Contestant No. 13

Imaobong Udokpong – Calabar

Imaobong Udokpong

Contestant No. 14

Joy Ezewu – Portharcourt

Joy Ezewu

Contestant No. 15

Blessing Inyang – Calabar

Blessing Inyang

Blessing Inyang

Contestant No. 16

Miebaka Isaac – Portharcourt

Miebaka Isaac


Contestant No. 17

Gabriella Swem – Calabar

Gabriella Swem

Contestant No.  18

Josephine Thelma – Calabar

Josephine Thelma

Contestant No. 19

Alli Innocent – Lagos

Alli Innocent



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