Over the Weekend KampusAreaBlog got in contact with Brilliant and Beautiful Model, Queen Jaja. A student of Rivers State University of Science and Technology. She is also signed to a modelling agency and a United Bank For Africa (UBA)  Campus Brand Ambassador.

Read The Interview of the Interview below…

By Daniel Faithful

K.A.B: This is Faithful, from KampusArea.

Queen Jaja: Yes, good evening
K.A.B: So how you doing
Queen Jaja: I am fine and you?
K.A.B: All good. Can you please introduce yourself?
Queen Jaja: I am Queen Dabota Jaja
A law student at the University of Science and Technology. I am from Opobo town, Rivers state.
K.A.B: (laughs)So a descendant of the legendary King Jaja, that’s some dope blood line…
Queen Jaja: (laughs) Yes dear, it’s a bloodline for great alpha humans, Just kidding though…
K.A.B: Oh lord, what is my surname again? (laughs)
K.A.B: We hear you are involved in modelling?
Queen Jaja: Yes dear.
K.A.B: So how did it begin? How did this modelling journey start?
Queen Jaja: It started when I just graduated from secondary school and I was always insulted by my brothers for not having pictures. I had no pictures but I loved taking pictures. Then I met an amazing and talented photographer(James Jesse Izidor, image tower) who gave me the opportunity to explore while he nurtured me till I could look straight to the camera lens and look stunningly amazing.Interview with Queen Jaja
K.A.B: That’s good to hear. So that was your discovery. So far what has been your favorite/memorable campaign or work till date
Queen Jaja: I  work with fab and plus size modelling agency, one of my favourite work was the ‘Black and White Affair’ it was a Run way event.

K.A.B: Okay, so sometimes modelling is seen as an easy job, what can you say about this ?
Queen Jaja: If you have passion for it then you can work easily in the field but if you have no passion for it then you might just be frustrated at the end
K.A.B: So was modelling something you always wanted to do or it just happened?
Queen Jaja: I always wanted to do it.

Model, Law Student and Campus Brand Ambassador.
                   Model, Law Student and
                 Campus Brand Ambassador.

K.A.B: What’s the best and worst thing about being a model?
Queen Jaja: Well, the best thing is that you always get to look stunning and admired by everyone. To Me there is nothing bad about being a model, I love being a model so I see no dark side to it.
K.A.B: If you weren’t modelling what other thing do you see yourself doing?
Queen Jaja: Being a photographer, that’s the only thing close to being a model.
K.A.B: Wow…What are Five things you cannot live without?
Queen Jaja: 1.God 2.Law textbooks 3.Camera4.Photo sessions 5.Makeup
K.A.B: Who are your role models in the industry?
Queen Jaja: Nanfe, Jemimah, Kefas,
Taje, Prest. They are not so famous but they have done very well for themselves.

K.A.B: Could you mention 5 facts you think many may not know about you?
Queen Jaja: Well, 1. I am a writer 2.My favorite food is garri and soup  3. My favourite colour is red 4. I am very scared of creeping creatures 5. Finally pleasing God is priority to me.
K.A.B: What genre of writing are you into?
Queen Jaja: I write romance and comic stories.

Interview with Queen Jaja
K.A.B: Could you let us in to what a day in your life is like?
Queen Jaja: Everyday differs my dear but an average day is from morning prayers to school for lectures, then as a UBA. Campus Ambassador, I go to report daily to UBA. branch in school then I go home, rest and strategize for the next day and then read my books. My photo sessions are usually done on weekends.
K.A.B: If you were to eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?
Queen Jaja: Eba and native soup.(laughs)
K.A.B: Really, thats surprising for a model. To what extent can you go as a model. What is the most you can do to succeed at it?
Queen Jaja: I do not do anything, I wouldn’t be proud to tell someone. I remain as morally upright as possible.

Queen Dabota Jaja
Queen Dabota Jaja

K.A.B: What is you favorite movie?
Queen Jaja: Fast girls
K.A.B: The movie about the american female athletic team
Queen Jaja: Yes, I really love the movie. It’s tells us a lot about determination.

K.A.B: You’re a Campus Brand Ambassador for UBA, How did this come about?
Queen Jaja: Well, I saw an advert for it on instagram @ubagroup. So I filled the form and made a video as required and then I was interviewed. A major boost to my profile, was my modelling activities and the blogs I run. So I got invited to Lagos, I went through some training and now a proud UBA campus ambassador.
K.A.B: That’s good…WehDonMa
Queen Jaja: (laughs) WehDonSir

K.A.B: Okay… what plans do you hope to achieve as a Brand Ambassador.
Queen Jaja: Yes dear, as a brand ambassador for UBA; firstly I intend to help the brand grow massively on my campus, through organization of fun-filled activities on my campus on behalf of UBA.  Awareness of amazing UBA. products available on campus, for example students don’t know that as a UBA. customer you have access to free Wi-Fi on campus.

UBA Brand Ambassador
UBA Brand Ambassador

K.A.B: Hmm…okay we believe a lot is in the pipeline
Queen Jaja: Yes dear…
K.A.B: What are your highest and lowest moments?
Queen Jaja: My highest moment was when I got contacted by UBA. and  was told that one of the major attraction to me was my being modelling . My lowest moment was during a fashion runway I participated in, I invited some friends, they didn’t show up and I was alone. I felt so bad.
K.A.B: Would you be willing to abandon your education for a major modeling deal?
Queen Jaja: I won’t say abandon my education, but I could put it on pause and come back after a while.Interview with Queen Jaja
K.A.B: What are your plans for the future?
Queen Jaja: Become a really good lawyer and also a model on the side.
K.A.B: What is/are your expectations from the modelling industry
Queen Jaja: I am looking forward to a time when the industry becomes more accessible to youths, and it is seen in a better perspective and positive light. I also hope to see more modelling events come up.
K.A.B: What motivates you?
Queen Jaja: My motivation, firstly comes from God,  then my Mum. I am strongly motivated by fear of failure, when I remember that I don’t want to fail or just be ordinary I am always motivated to do my best.
K.A.B: Is there any other thing you had like to share with KampusAreaBlog.

Queen Jaja: Well, I would love to thank God for making me who I am today. Then, a big thank you to my ever supportive Mum and Dad. I also want to say big thank you to James Izidor, my mentor, Lady fab (c.e.o fab and plus size modelling agency), Kingsley Jaja, Faith Dagana, Jennifer Coker and Goodness Achimba for their round the clock support. And finally to KampusArea for this great opportunity
K.A.B: Thank You, was nice working with you…we hope to work with you in future.
Queen Jaja: You are welcome, I hope to speak with you soon again .


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Twitter: @KABlogOfficial


  1. This is really good
    Queen Jaja has being a friend for donkey years and she’s outstanding in everything she does trust me this her modeling is gonna be an epic success
    Don’t let her know I have always admired her…go Queen we’ve got your back and your pictures are really dope


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