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BY Idongesit Imuk.

[13:44] : Reporting live from UNICAL conference centre Idongesit Imuk for

[13:43] : Ceremony ends 1:43pm
[13:42]: Members of high table congratulate newly-inducted doctors as band play
[13:42] : Doctors are matching out

[13:39]: Rev Nsa Eyo takes the closing prayers as the crowd rises. The reverend prays blessings on the doctors, parents and all present.

ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be an Inaugral lecture on wednesday 23rd February, 2017 and everyone is invited.

[ 13:36] : The Vice chancellor begins “…we’ve come to the end of what i consider,part one. We will not keep you long again, the parties will soon begin. All the ‘mama’ andpapa‘ doctors,you have acquired new statuses. If you are in the village, go and see how you will be celebrated” — he jokes. He thanks the registrar of the medical and dental council who came from Enugu also wishing him safe journey back and drops his microphone.

[ 13:29]: Vote of thanks by Prof. Theresa Ekanem. Professor of Anatomy and deputy Provost of the College of Medical Sciences(C.M.S), University of Calabar. She thanks the medical elders; Prof Bassey, Prof Itam Hogan, Prof. Ndoma Egba, Prof. O.O Bassey and more for their patience and points them out to the younger generation to emulate. Her heart goes out to the guardians for their financial support. She thanks the doctors for their hardwork and diligence, their struggle, their sleepless nights, the hunger they endured stating that this is their reward.

[ 13:28]: Prof Thomas Agang, Chief Medical Director of the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital(UCTH)takes the podium. He apologizes for arriving late. His speech is quite brief.

[13:27]: The crowd explodes with ovation

[13:20- 13:26]: His tone rises as he speaks of the ease he had with community medicine, stating that their doctors were young and vibrant. Over to Internal medicine, he describes the lecturers in this department, as “terrors” but however states that the training was good.

He mentions Effiom Micheal Edet,a medical student who died from cancer. Another is Ofem Patrick who died in a road traffic accident. He mentions Prof.Spencer  Ita, Prof.Onyom Oyo-Ita,  Prof. Udo-Imuk, Prof. Eteng and many more. The crowd sighs and moans in temprorary pain. He calls for support for the families of the deceased and  appreciates parents who made it possible for the doctors to make it through medical school.

He pays his respect to a doctor par excellence, DR Uwem Edimohpopularly known as ‘Skull Of Ages‘.

He ends his speech…”long live University of Calabar Teaching Hospital,Long live Universitynof Calabar, long live Calabar, Long live Nigeria…”
[13:10 -13:19]: Still on Dr Onaji, he lightens the crowd up with his very humourous summary of the stressful year one courses…  Physics,Biology, maths, Chemistry and gss courses. The crowd explodes with laughter as he stresses on how he will never forget the botanical name of “afang soup”. He crosses to the preclinical classes where anatomy, physiology and biochemistry courses took its toll on us. He remembers with nostalgia,  the legend of the famous biochemist, nicknamed Sakaguchi.He crosses to the clinical classes, the tedious ward rounds
The inner struggles of the medical students in the pharmacology classes.
He hints that today is the birthday of Dr Simeon Augustine, son of pharmacology lecturer, Dr Augustine. He speaks of the joys of reading haematology and the days they spent with “Dr Inyama”
He crosses into the world of Microbiology and parasitology, dealing with micro organisms.
He speaks of the paediatric department..
Recounting the struggles of the medical student being bombarded by questions from  consultants during ward rounds…the joys of medical school.
“…there are over 120 causes of fever, for your level, just give me 100” he humourously chips in…while the crowd explodes with laughter.
“The signature of the O &G posting are the endless, confusing MCQ questions…”

[ 13:08] Dignitaries present

Former provost, Prof. EtukSaturday

Prof. Francis Asuquo of the Department of Pharmacology.

Rev. Nsa Eyo, chaplain of the Chapel of Redemption, Unical
[13:05]: Dr. David Onaji(class rep)takes up the podium for a speech. He salutes the Vice chancelor which he describes as indefatigueable.Also describing the  Faculty Officer, Dr Citizen Ekpo as “workaholic”.

[13:05] : He invites all to the conference of Nigerian Medical and Dental Association to be hosted by the Cross River state chapter soon.

[13:04] “My job is easy as Prof .Imaobong Ekanem has said all I wanted to say..”, Prof Ifiok says

[13:03] : Prof. Ifiok, from Nigerian Medical Association,( Cross River state Chapter ) takes the podium

[ 13:02]: Dignitaries present….
Prof Zana Akpagu
Prof Victor Ansa
Prof Maurice Asuquo
Prof Itam
Dr. Godwin Bassey(Dean faculty of Dentistry)

[ 13:01]: He prays and blesses the works of their hands

[13:00]: He goes prophetic and declares his blessings on the new doctors

[ 12:59] : They sit and Rev Nsa Eyo is being called up to offer prayers for the new doctors. He cites his mesaage from Genesis 16 and encourages them to look up to God as their shield.

12:55: All 43 doctors have received their license and certificates

[ 12:55] : All 43 doctors have received their license and certificates

[12:52]: The class rep is called up for his certificate

[ 12:52]: Again the crowd goes agog as former NAAKIMS Vice-president, Dr. Angela Essien is called up for her certificate.

[12:50] : The crowd goes agog with celebration as former CUMSA president, Charles Iwara is called up to receive his license and certificate.

[ 12:48] : One family,”the Amaowos” have two graduate doctors added to the family

[12:48]: They are currently stepping up to the high table to receive their certificates and licenses.

[ 12:47]: They are being asked to come up and receive their license and certificates from the dean of the faculty of medicine, Prof. Victor Ansa
[ 12:46]: They all raise up their right arms and say, “i affirm to the aoth,i’ve just taken…”

[ 12:45]: The oath is being administered by the Registrar, Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.
[12:45] : Last year, over 1000 licenses were issued
[12:45]: He charges the doctors to be good ambassadors of the university.
[ 12:45] : As any doctor practising in diaspora that messes up will be reported to the medical and dental concil of Nigeria.

[12:42] : He says the license given to them doctors last for only 2 years and is to be renewed.
[12:30]: The professor had earlier on mentioned that “In 2010, the council decided to look for a way of holding practitioners responsible for their actions.”

12:30: He calls to them again, on the strength of the binding oath,’the hippocratic oath’.(the second time this is being emphasised today)

[12:28] Idongesit Imuk: He congratulates the 43 doctors, parents and guardians present.

[12:27]: He begins “The medical and dental council of Nigeria is the statutory agent of regulating medical and dental practice in Nigeria…”

[ 12:27] Idongesit Imuk: The dean just left the podium for the Registrar of the medical and dental council.

[12:25]: Band has stopped now and the paparazzi has been asked to allow the event move smoothly
[ 12:25]: The dean of the faculty of medicine, Prof. Victor Ansa mounts the podium to give a speech…
He has just begun

[12:24]: Earlier on, she had over ridden the Vice-chancellor’s appeal to medical students to boycott politics. According to the west-african fellow, she believes medical doctors are the best political leaders

[12:22] : The renowned professor addressing the graduating doctors stated that their number one priority is d patient
[ 12:21] : Back to Lecture…


[12:20]:  She is being presented with a plaque as the 1st female  lecturer /doctor to give a sponsio speech
[12:20]: She is currently posing with the plaque for the cameras
[ 12:19] : She quotes Charles S Yonofsky, who in 2004 stated the challenge faced by the medical student.

[12:18] : She states the challenges of the medical doctor in Nigeria;Lack of funding and corruption amongst the leaders
12:18: She calls to the young medical doctor not to join the “exodus ” of doctors leaving the country in search of greener pastures. She states that there are over 4000 Nigerian doctors in diaspora

[ 11:55] : She beckons on their conscience,the strength of the hippocratic oath and pleads with them to uphold this binding oath.

[11:44] Idongesit Imuk: She calls medicine, “a course that takes your life away from you
[11:43:She mounts the Podium

Quick Facts: She is the 1st female sponsio lecturer in Unical.

11:38:  She is happily married to obstetrician and gynaecologist at UCTH
Prof. Ekanem
4 kids down. 1st of the 4 kids is a consultant radiologist with the rest abroad.

[11:37] :  She has a large research influence in the area of cancers affecting women. Has punlished national and international journals. 3 books down, 54 journals

[ 11:36]: Member, medical and dental consultant. Royal college of medicine
Association of medical pathology,UK
[11:36] : Medical Women Association of Nigeria awarded Her.

[11:35] : She is a well known and travelled scholar
Has travelled to almost every countries of d world

[11:34] : Dept.of Pathology, Faculty of medicine.College of medical sciences
University of calabar.A fellow of the west african college of medical sciences

[11:32]: Prof. Imaoobong Ekanem Asuquo is upstanding as her resume is being read..
The renowned professor seems to have a remarkable resume…

11:30: He calls for seriousness amongst the students as the medical profession is one that demands attention.

11:29: The Vice- Chancellor, charges the students to drop their political ambitions and face their studies.
11:24 The Vice Chancellor, congratulates the graduands
Wishes them success.He charges them to keep d flag flying

He mentions Prof J. J.Udoh
Of whom 2 of his daughters are graduating today as doctors
11:23 The Vice-chancellor mounts the podium
He holds in high esteem the parents who made it to d event.
The Provost gives immense thanks to the Vice Chancellor and calls him one of a kind

43 medical doctors are set to be graduated

The Provost states that Physiotheraphy and Pharmacy departments are now in full operation

Welcome Speech by the provost of College of Medical Sciences, Prof. Maurice Asuquo

Keynote speaker : Prof. Imaobong Asuquo

11:02 am Sponsio begins


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