TRENDING ONLINE: #Iwriteagainstpremaritalsex campaign takes over the internet

By Daniel Faithful

It all began as a personal campaign by 400 level student of Dentistry, university of calabar (UNICAL) .  Idongesit Imuk thought of a way to reach out to her fellow youths, who have  been dealt a terrible blow by the scourge. Pre-marital sex which involves sexual relationship between unmarried couple has gained strong societal acceptance amongst youths and is only imperative that a strong and well orchestrated call to action is necessary to if the tides must be overturn or at least a ‘break even’ point is reached.#iwriteagainstpremaritalsex img-20170212-wa0053 img-20170212-wa0041

She stated “God wants to raise up a generation of young people who will stand for the truth, defend it no matter the consequences. Young people must live the godly way. Premarital sex is fast biting into the fabrics of our society, decaying it by the day”

The aimof the campaign according to a facebook post reads:
our mission: To bring to the consciousness of young people,the need to remain sexually pure till marriage.
Our logo: 2nd Corinthians 6:18
Our banner: Love
#Iwriteagainstlremaritalsex img-20170212-wa0050 img-20170212-wa0054 img-20170212-wa0044

It wasn’t long when the internet got agog with the movement #Iwriteagainstpremaritalsex. This wasn’t as easy as it seems as Idongesit recounts how difficult it was to sell the idea to to even mates and colleauges as she met strong resistance to keep ‘her campaign’ within her quarters.

According to Imuk “some people insulted me, kicked against it and all, some didn’t really understand the essence, but after proper orientation was done they gave their support”#iwriteagainstpremaritalsex img-20170212-wa0040 img-20170212-wa0038 img-20170212-wa0037

The campaign which began on the 6th of February will come to an end on the 13th of February. So far supporters within and outside the country have called to give their support.

According to a supporter of the #iwriteagainstpremaritalsexAccording to a supporter of the campaign  Amah wrote “I know he loves me, I mean Essien. We have been in a relationship for the past one year but he has never asked me for sex. I think I like it that way. We have agreed to remain sexually pure till marriage. I am Amah, I am in a relationship but I am not engaging in any form of sexual activity. I write against premarital sex.

Hundrends have lent their voices in this timely campaign to WriteAgainstPreMaritalSex. Where do you stand?

Join the trend;


It all began right here in the female hostels of UNICAL. One movement, one lifetime, changing generations.#iwriteagainstpremaritalsex#iwrite againstpremaritalsex#iwrite againstpremaritalseximg-20170212-wa0016

Idongesit Imuk is a Writer, Poet, Blogger and a Campus Journalist. For her, this is her vals gift to the world.img-20170212-wa0007img-20170212-wa0003#iwrite againstpremaritalseximg-20170212-wa0031#iwrite againstpremaritalsex#iwrite againstpremaritalsex


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