Mass Examination Failure, 100% School Fee Payment: SUG PRESIDENT SAYS NO TO PROTEST.

BY Daniel Faithful

In a press release issued by the Acting President of the Student Union Government (SUG), University of  Calabar. Miss Nkpoikana-Abasi called for calm and patience from  aggrieved students.

UNICAL SUG VICE PRESIDENT This follows as the student community is displeased by the poor performance displayed by the results of its General Studies examinations for 2nd semester, 2015/2016 session.

Students across the 11 faculties have cried out and are demanding a correction of their results; Even as rumors of some elements brewing a protest as a measure for redress of the present situation that has put students in an academic quagmire, further frustrating students  who are still embattled with the Managements new policy of a one time 100% fee payment.

Read The Press Release Below…

Greetings to you all in the name of solidarity… I wish to express my gratitude to the students of University of Calabar for their cooperation. The Students’ Union Government is very much aware of the cries of students ranging from compulsory payment of 100% school fees to bad GSS results among other issues.

It may seem as if the Students’ Union Government is not doing anything, but it may interest us all to know that the Students’ Union Government is doing all she can to protect our interests. Concerning the just released computer results, the SUG Secretary General, Deputy Sec. Gen., dir. Of welfare, dir. Of information of biological sciences faculty and myself went to the Dir. Of Academic planning’s office where we fortunately met him and Prof. Eyong, the Emeritus Dean of Students’ affairs who assured us that the computer results will be reviewed given the percentage of students that failed. In the words of Prof. Eyong: “if I am a lecturer and all the students fail my course, then I am not a good lecturer.”

Concerning the 100% school fee payment, the Vice Chancellor is attending to an official duty outside the state, and he has assured that once he is back something will be done about it. i.e the compulsory payment of 100% school fees will be revisited.

To this end, I, on behalf of the Students’ Union Government, want to implore us to continue to exercise our cooperation to the government. Those who had it in mind to demonstrate and protest against the bad GSS results, that has been settled already; for those of us that wanted to react against the compulsory 100% school charges payment, that will be revisited and I assure you that measures will be taken to assist us solve this problem.

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I want to conclude by saying that diplomacy can perform marvelous miracles and it’s still the best way to tackle our issues. More so, don’t forget that non-students and the non academic students union (NASU) seize times like this to do things that will delay our destiny by carrying out protests and riots because they have nothing to loose. But have it at the back of your mind that your issues have been noted and the Students’ Union Government and the University management are working to tackle these issues. But let us always do ourselves well by always tabling our issues on the table of Students’ Union Government, and I assure you that we’ll always take them to the necessary authority for actions.
Don’t forget that Prof. Zana’s agenda are Students! Students!! Students!!!
Thanks once again for your cooperation.
Yours in service
#we are working to solve your problem and make you happy#
Nkpoikana-Abasi Aniefiok
SUG Ag. President

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  1. Its interesting to hear that peaceful and diplomatic steps has been taken to ensure that the GSS result and the 100 percent school charges will be resolved”Because its tiaranic”for students to be mandated to pay 100 percent school charges with the present economy situation of the country,what will be come of the newly admited students who at the same time are battling with acomondation,clearance and same time pay 100 percent school charges?.I personaly believe that this will not give them a cool environment for study because their minds are already disturbed,so we hope that this issues will be resove to give us a level academic play ground.Ekiewa Douglas O,100 level student department of History and international studies University of Calabar.


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