By Daniel Faithful

#CUMSAHEALTHWEEK2017: Medical students organize awareness campaign for Cervical Cancer and Blindness from Diabetes.


The Calabar University Medical Students Assoiciation (CUMSA) on Monday 23rd January 2016 began its annual healthweek, with a focus on Cervical cancer and Blindness.

The theme of this year’s event: Cervical Cancer: Prevention at Your Door step

Sub-theme: Diabetes and Blindness.

The health week is annual event organised by the Office of the Vice-President CUMSA.

Medical students from the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry assembled in front of college building, UNICAL  and began a campus wide rally to sensitize the University community on Cervical cancer and safe sex.

Cumsa healt week Rally
CUMSA healthweek 2017 Rally


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A symposium was held on Wednesday 25th January at the New Faculty of Medicine building, University of Calabar.

The occasion which had in attendance;

Professor Rowland  Ndoma Egba (Consultant surgeon UCTH) as chairman of the event.

Dr. Inyang Asibong (commisioner of health, C.R.S)

Dr.Ani Nchewi (Medial Women Association of Nigeria, MWAN) President C.R.S chapter.

Dr. Ekpoke Ezoke ( Former CUMSA President& Past ARD. President)

Dr Ani Nchewi representing the commissioner of Health at the event.
Dr Ani Nchewi representing the commissioner of Health at the event.

Cervical Cancer: Prevention at Your Doorstep

Dr E.Effiok guest lecturer
Dr E.Effiok guest lecturer

Dr. E. Effiok ( dept. of obstetrics and gynaecology). who during his lecture stated that Cervical cancer is the 2nd commonest cause of death from cancer in women. The cervix is the lowermost part of the female uterus .

He listed some risk factors/Causes such as:

  • Infection from Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  • Multiple sexual partners(>4)
  • Early Sexual activity (<16) amongst others.

He also noted that Cervical Cancer was on the increase amongst women in Nigeria due to a  lack of awareness (accessible to the  common woman) even when the condition is preventable through vaccinations ( Cervarex and Danoxil).

While assessing results made at curbing the scourge, Dr Effiok said the methods employed such as TV& Radio Broadcast, Health Rally, Symposium and  Free Pap smear had done little because these  are not readily accessible to the ordinary Nigerian. He  also stated that early detection  which is key to prognosis is only available in standard medical facilities  that offer ‘Pap Smear‘.

While commending the organizers of the event he advised that this campaign should be taken to rural communities where it would create sustainable impact.

The Calabar University Medical Students Association in Partnership with Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN) And Naval Officer Wives Association(NOWA) would organize a  free ‘Pap Smear’ cervical cancer screening for 200 women At Naval Hospital, calabar, Cross-River state.

Free Mosquito nets, Antimalarias and HIV sensitization  and screening -Friday 27th January 2017.

Diabetes and Blindness

Dr. D. Nkanga guest lecturer
Dr. D. Nkanga guest lecturer

Dr. D Nkanga (Department of Opthalmology)- CUMSA President 1985.

1.3million blind in Nigeria

Dr Nkanga who began with a remark that God in creating the world had sighted people in mind, He went on to give a data analysis of blindness in nigeria stating that an estimated 1.3 million people are reported blind in Nigeria. And its socio-economic relationship highlighting poverty as a cause and result.

He stated that the most common cause of blindness is ‘uncorrected error of refraction‘ which could result from; Cataract, Glaucoma,  and Trachoma( was eliminated in Europe in the 19th century and results from poor hygiene and lack of portable water).

Diabetes a disease condition characterized by persistent Hyperglycemia (elevated blood glucose level) is a growing cause of the disease especially amongst the working class of the population which results from Diabetic Retinopathies(DR). He added that in many individuals the condition goes undetected.

C-Section of CUMSites at the symposium
C-Section of CUMSites at the symposium

Cumsa health week

He adviced that regular blood glucose check up should be carried out and that blindness is unnecesaary with corective treatment available.

Cumsa president-Ogar Emmanuel addressing CUMSites
Cumsa president-Ogar Emmanuel addressing CUMSites

Other Events that followed were; Adoption of CUMSA ANTHEM

Written By; Aleka Joy(CUMSA VICE-PRESIDENT), Effiong Mary

MUSIC BY; Aleka Joy, Effion Mary and Dr. Nsongurua Jeremiah.

Launching of the Alamanac

This was brought together by the Ogar Emmanuel Led CUMSA Exco (2016/2017)


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