Starting something new or making a big change requires effort, persistence and motivation…doubt fear and worry would only slow you down. Focus on doing your best now and celebrate every step of the way. – Doe Zantamata

The National Association of Akwa Ibom State Medical  Students UNICAL Chapter. (NAAKIMS-UCC) officially began the maiden edition of the NAAKIMS Games on Sunday, may 8th 2016.

The games which is targeted at fostering unity and togetherness among NAAKIMSites in medical school and also with other students of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Calabar . A dream borne with purpose by the Akaninyene Dan led administration.

In the opening remark by the president of the association “… The major aim of this game is to unite NAAKIMSites far and near, we know that for some time now we have been far apart on different lines, but it is our hope and our belief that this games would bring us together, that this games would foster unity, not only among NAAKIMSites but with other members of CUMSA. So even as we expect others to come and join us, our brothers from the final year class down to the first year and the doctors whom we have invited, I want to declare the first edition and the first ever NAAKIMS-UCC Games open.”

The Games  is to feature a football tournament, track events, board games and  video games.

There was a large turn out of students considering the fact that the opening ceremony was on a Sunday. Students across the faculty were in attendance including the Step-aside President Iwara Charles and Vice President (Elect) Aleka Joy of the Calabar University Medical Student Association (CUMSA ) and students from other faculties.

The games began with a soccer knock-out match between; preclinical class one (year 2) and the clinical class one (year 4), preclinical class 2( year 3) and the clinical class 2a( senior year 5) at the Abraham Ordia Stadium, Calabar Cross River State.


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