The CUMSA Games 2015 football finalists crashed out of the NAAKIMS-UCC Games yesterday Sunday march 8th 2016, at the Abraham Ordia Stadium.

It was more than a usual Sunday for all teams who participated in the fierce knock-out fixtures. The clinical class one (year 4) went through to the next stage ahead of the Preclinical class one (year 2) on penalties. While the Preclinical class two (year 3) progressed with 1-0 win over Clinical Class 2A ( senior Year5).

It was rather disappointing to see the two finalist of the CUMSA Games knocked out on their first fixture.

Preclinical Class 1 ( year 2) vs Clinical Class 1 ( year 4)

The Year 2 class which surprisingly went on to the finals of the CUMSA games while in year one lost out on penalties, after Udofia Utibe-Obasi Gabriel 2nd half Goal was equalized with a late penalty strike by Destiny Nnamdia (a.k.a DNA) sending the round leather to the back of the net.

Cross section of spectators
Cross section of spectators
Spectators watching with keen interest
Spectators watching with keen interest

A penalty shoot out followed, with Ani Caleb (year 4) who rather gave the ball away to the hands of the keeper.  A torch of hope was lit when  Innocent Akeri ( year 2) sent the ball to the clouds in the 4th shot for his team. The shoot out  ran into 9 rounds with  Dede Oputamuno Gilbert (year 2) and Jeremiah Ovwiokpe (year 4) giving brilliant strikes on the 7th and 8th shots respectively.

    Team supporters in their coloursTeam supporters in their colours

The fate of both teams were decided when Felix Ekenjoku (year 2) sold off the ball to Keeper Aku George who hardly gave any reaction to earlier shots and Phamous Otuekom (year 4) got a brillant goal .


Pre -Clinical Class 2  (year 3) vs Clinical Class 2A(year 5A)

pre clinical class 2
pre clinical class 2 team
clinical class 2A TEAM
clinical class 2A TEAM

The CUMSA Football Champions were sent off for failing to secure a goal during playing time, in a challenging  and brutal battle between the teams who battled for supremacy with the last encounter between both teams ending in a 3-1 win for the Year 3 class in a friendly fixture against the reigning Champions .  An early Penalty stupendously converted by Ekefre Christian added a figure to the scoreline.

The rest of the game went on with slides and tackles, shots and saves and  brilliant performance by both teams. Kennedy Jacob (year 3) and Ukeme Samuel   (year 3) got yellow cards. Ferdinand (year 5A) also got a yellow card. Emmanuel Idoko (year 5A) was brought down severally being the top hit man for his team, known for his astounding pace, speed and finishing, the defence line held him bound.

Ayei team captain C2A taking a freekick
Ayei team captain C2A taking a freekick

The need for a goal by the Clinical class 2A didn’t change the game pattern much as the Preclinical class also searched for more goals to prevent an unfortunate penalty shoot out , knowing fully well the other side had a wonderful record; proceeding to the finals of the CUMSA Games last year on a well deserved 4-2 penalty win.

Freekick taken by ukeme for pc2
Freekick taken by ukeme for pc2

Saturday Etuk (year 3) lost a key chance at goal, after a beautiful cross from Ekefre Christian just in front of the goal mouth, although he created the chance for the only goal after being brought down in the 18 yard box on receiving a pass from Albert Uwem(year 3)

The last 10 minutes were intense with brutal assaults and free-kicks from both teams, Team Captain Ayei, Ferdinand Ngu, Ebri and Edidiong were exceptional for their team (year 5A). Ukeme Samuel, Usha Orhungul, Albert Uwem and Ekefre Christian contributed massively to their team’s (year 3) success. The final whistle came after a late  free-kick from Udoh ‘celibate’ Raphael (year 3).naakims games ucc 2016

Final freekick for PC2
Final freekick for PC2
Preclinical class 2 team
Preclinical class 2 team
Emmanuel 'Aimee' Idoko and Team mates
Emmanuel ‘Aimee’ Idoko and Team mates

Naakims games ucc 2016

Next fixtures are for tuesdsay May 10th 2016.

Quick Facts

  • The PC1 (year 2)  class is yet to win a game at Abraham Ordia Stadium,
  • The PC2 (year 3) class secured a first ever win at the Stadium and
  • The C1(year 4 ) class won their very first competitive match against any class in the faculty and a win at Abraham Ordia stadium.


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