UNICAL Decides : List of Winners of SUG Election

In the keenly contested elections that held on Friday 29th April 2016, which saw the emergence of 9 new executives out of the 19 candidates which were cleared by the Calabar University Electoral Committee ( CUECO).

A good number of the aspirants were dropped( not cleared) during the various screening exercise, most were on grounds of poor academic performance it narrowed the competition as two positions (Director of Information and Director of Sports) were unopposed.

See comprehensive list of the results below;
Post of SUG President

1. Daniel Joseph Eno of the department of Medicine and Surgery had 1206 votes
2. Okoi Eugene of the department of Nursing had 1085 votes
3. Ubi E. Onen of the department of Law had 495 votes
4. Etta Enyi of the department of medicine and surgery had 418 votes

Post of Vice- president

1. Nkpoikana Abasi of the department of History and International relations had 1833 votes
2. Regina Joseph Tombere of the department of Agricultural Extension had 1276 votes

Post of Secretary General

1. Isong Eugene of the department of law had 1079 votes
2. Ushie Ogar Boniface had 851 votes
3. Uranta Adawari Waribo had 620 votes
4. Godwin Christian obindim had 437 votes

Position of Deputy Secretary General

1. Bamidele Precious Ikunusi had 2125 votes

2. Victor Daniel Udoh had 665 votes

Position of Director of Information

Michael Jacob Ikyarr won as an unopposed candidate

Position of Financial Secretary
1. Ezenwa Peace had 1511 votes
2. Endurance Daniel of the department of accounting had 1412 votes

Position of Director of Welfare

1. Emmanuel Peterof the department of Medical Laboratory science had 1532 votes
2. Ekpeyong Daniel J. Of the department of Computer Science had 769 votes
3. Bassey Ofem of the had 670 votes

Position of Director of sports

David Sunday won as an unopposed candidate with 1823 votes

Position of Director of Socials

1. Iheanacho Victor Ikechukwu had 1231 votes

2. Ise Prince of the department of medicine and surgery had 879 votes

3. Ere Gabriel had 852 votes

After  a catena of rigorous events, hopefully  the political atmosphere is set to be calm and pellucid once again.  The University of Calabar community  looks forward to a better future .

IMG-20160429-WA0035 IMG-20160429-WA0034 IMG-20160429-WA0033 IMG-20160429-WA0032 IMG-20160429-WA0029 IMG-20160429-WA0028

2 thoughts on “UNICAL Decides : List of Winners of SUG Election”

  1. Good afternoon medics! Please let’s be sincere with ourselves, for the newly elected SUG president, vice, Sect, Deputy Sect., welfare, Information, socials, sports etc. There is difference between necessity and want. Stop doing the things we are comfortable with even if it’s undone. We need more hostels, can’t imagine a student paying 45,450 for school fees and buying accommodation for 50000. Some of us that came from far away and probably don’t know anybody in Calabar which only admission that brought us here, where do they expect students to stay, some of these peeps went through one stress or the other to get their fees paid and do their registration, how do you expect them to pay for accommodation whether inside or off-camp. For some of us that can afford it maybe for security reasons can’t get it. Please don’t do what you feel like doing, do the students need. You can write to different bodies seeking for funds and their support and I think it would be honoured. We need more hostels.

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