Report: GOLDIE by Mount Zion now Goldie by Dust-bin


by Idongesit Imuk and Anoka Joseph


The famous Goldie road that leads from the Abraham Odia stadium, Unical to the main road Mount zion, popularly known as ‘Goldie by Mount zion’ of recent has humourously being renamed  “Goldie by dustbin” by malabites and malabresses, an expression too euphemistic to describe the more than two kilometre long refuse heap that has insiduously taken over a reasonable part of the Goldie market. A market so important to the survival of Malabor republik.

The market traders can no longer boast of fresh food products as guilliver-sized flies make ridicule of the food products, now lying helpless to their exploration.

Speaking with the traders and students buying and selling in the markets: Jerry a 300 level student of medicine and surgery frowned so much at the deplorable condition of the market and road, he said, “…the allocatory budget has been signed by the state government. Why are the CUDA(Calabar Urban Development Authority) people not working?”  He further opined that the government should collaborate with the local chiefs to  choose another refuse dump site, preferably in a remote place.

Another student,who introduced himself as Adebayo, a 300 level student of Political Science blamed the government for the predicament that has befallen the market. Speaking with campus journalists He said, “I personally cannot advice anybody to buy fresh food here as the hygiene  level of the food is nothing to write home about.”

Abigail a rice and tin tomato seller, whose stall is just one of the many stalls that line the market sides with a proximity of less than a metre to the refuse stated that few weeks back, precisely on the 11th of March, some men who claimed to be in charge of the market came to her, demanding 200 naira as part of the contribution needed to clear the refuse heap. Something she said she happily complied to, but as the weeks went by, it became obvious that nothing was going to happen.

Elizabeth, a new grocery  shop owner whose shop unfortunately has been completely obscured by the refuse, further confirmed what Abigail earlier said. In her words, “some men came here demanding 500 naira from me  claiming to be used to clear this heap of dump. They got 500 naira from all the shop owners and 200 naira from stall owners.” She also added that the refuse has so much affected her health and sale output as the number of buyers had geometrically reduced due to the complete concealment of her shop by the heap of dump. Miss Ifechukwu, a fancy shoe seller’s story is not far from the stories of her fellow traders.

The month is running out and as the refuse heap is tremendously increasing in size and height, malabites and malabresses hope and believe that one day,”Goldie by dustbin” will once again be called Goldie by Mount zion.

Pictures below;

IMG-20160424-WA0001 IMG-20160424-WA0003 IMG-20160424-WA0004 IMG-20160424-WA0005 IMG-20160424-WA0006 IMG-20160424-WA0007 IMG-20160424-WA0008

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