Covenant University to Host All Nigerian Universities Debate Championship.

Covenant University to Host All Nigerian Universities Debating Championship

Covenant University to Host All Nigerian Universities Debating Championship
Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles K. Ayo, making his remarks

Towards the preparation for the successful hosting of the 4th edition of All Nigerian Universities Debating Championship (ANUDC), the Council of ANUDC on Friday, April 1, 2016 paid a courtesy and inspection visit to Covenant University’s management and the Local Organising Committee (LOC).
The President of the Council, Dr. Ndubuisi Osuagwu, explained that the purpose of the visit was to ascertain the readiness of the University to host the event and offer advice where necessary. “Our presence here,” he noted, “is to look at your facilities, offer you advise where we can and make other suggestions that would make the 4th edition the best in the series, because we want every year to be an improvement upon whatever standard we had achieved.”

Dr. Osuagwu also explained the idea behind the formation of ANUDC four years ago, noting that the idea was to spread debating and culture of debating across Nigerian universities because of its importance. “It will teach the younger ones the values of speaking and listening to others. That is one of the ingredients in our discussions.

“If we don’t discuss, we will fight, and if we fight, there will be violence. The future of our country and our society would necessarily depend on our ability to cultivate the culture and tradition of exchanging views without fighting, and we have to start from the youths in Nigeria,” he said.

He expressed delight that Covenant University is hosting the event which, according to him, would help to expand the frontier of the mission of the Championship.

While responding, the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Charles Ayo, noted that being able to communicate convincingly is a unique feature to be cultivated by anyone who aspires to leadership position. “In Covenant University, we are raising new generation of leaders. You cannot help but be able to communicate convincingly, which is a very unique attribute of leadership.

“In any field, whether business or politics, we all subscribe to superior argument and the ability of one to convey and present ones idea in an acceptable manner is important,” he explained.

The Vice-Chancellor was delighted that Covenant University would host the event and promised that the University would continue to be an active member of what the Council stands for. That, according to him is one way the quality of education can be improved.

Courtesy Covenant University

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