UPDATED: why the Unical student died last weekend

Yesterday a post about a student of the faculty of the University of calabar who died on Saturday in his hostel was published, below is a press release concerning his death.



When the late malabite, Gabriel Atta Ben (a.k.a D bar) was rushed to the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, hopes were exercised by the Republikans that he should in due course, regain consciousness. To this end, Malabites and Malabresses went on a genuine intercessory prayer session even as an evening devotion was declared in that regards by the Hall Chair of Aso-Rock (Hall 4).

It was not until at about 6:50pm that news of the sad incident of his death was broken by eyewitnesses who followed the vehicle that conveyed his unconscious body to the hospital. Among these is a vibrant malabite residing in Hall 4, popularly known as Kalu. The report of Kalu and other first-hand witnesses agree that his body remained unconscious until they arrived the hospital.

Still more agreeable in their reports is the idea that his death could have been prevented if and only if surveillance were swift enough in their response to convey his unconscious body to the hospital as at when they were contacted. A roommate of the deceased who begged for anonymity while speaking with our correspondent; Odey Martin, expressed disappointment in the poor level of alertness by the surveillance as echoed in his statement: “I’m tired of the whole system (surveillance). When we called them they started asking irrelevant questions and even complained of shortage of petrol in their vehicle thereby wasting precious time that could have helped to save… Please my brother, I’m just tired”

Another side of the story that explains why we lost Gabriel is his medical history. As reliably gathered, Gabriel’s medical history had always been rough, especially when his examinations drew near. This is confirmed by his course-mates who have witnessed his exams occasionally being rescheduled due to his poor state of health during such periods.

Be it as it may, we must be clear about the fact that the Republikans are not happy with the surveillance unit as there was no immediate mobilization of vehicle and personnel to convey late Gabriel to the hospital. It should be reiterated that helplines of surveillance are meant to rescue emergencies and not for interrogation of callers to find out what will not be relevant in saving lives or complaining about lack of petrol in vehicles that are meant to serve emergencies.

Odey Martin is a writer and Journalist with the National Union Campus Journalist Unical.

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