Micheal Altshuler said “The bad news is time flies and the good news is you’re the pilot”. Surprisingly, we’re at the second quarter of 2016, many Nigerians were taken aback with disappointment over the current economic situation in the country. Just four days ahead of a year since the present admistration was elected and they seem set to correct the situation and that good times are here again. It would come as a surprise following CBN’S declaration that the exchange rates would henceforth, be 117 naira against the dollar (officially) and 210 naira against the dollar (parallel market rates).And this coincides with just a week after Good Friday.

Today also is marked in most countries of the world as Fools day, a day set aside to play practical and harmless pranks on people. This isnt news to an average Nigerian, as a fair majority can recount being called an ‘April fool”

Brief History

There is no precise date as to when it began, but this tradition has been on for centuries until it was popularized in 1700.

Popular records as to its origin include.
1. A copying error from the chaucers centerbury tales, where a part of the manuscript translated as 32 days after march was often misinterpreted by readers as 32nd march, which is April 1st when a trick was played according to the tale.
2.Also stated is that in the middle ages new year was celebrated on 25th march and was a week long celebration ending on April 1st in places like France. Some writers suggest that those who celebrated theirs on January 1st made fun of those who did so on other days, bringing about the fools day.

Several other stories show celebrations and pranks being played within the 16th and 17th century were common place.

This became a custom in many countries of the world, although there is no record of how it became an International day.
For Nigeria it is good to know it was borrowed culture from our colonial masters Great Britain, as is the norm the April fool joke is normally revealed by shouting ” April fool” at the recipient who then becomes the “April Fool”, though the person playing the prank becomes the “April fool” if its played past mid-day. This holds for many other countries though with their own versions of it.

A similar version is marked on 28th September in Spain, ‘the day of the holy saints’ which is a Christian celebration,
playing of pranks is not part of the Christian celebration.

Some individuals may not be comfortable with April fool pranks and hoaxes, and this may be criticized by some people based on personal opinions and reasons, hence is controversial.

April fools pranks and hoaxes are intended to be harmless and basically for fun, they could be of beneficial effect even health wise as it serves as a comic relief, humor and spreads joy and laughter.

Its also an avenue to exhibit creativity, ingenuity and inventiveness which would be appreciated by all without prejudice as many look forward to the day to try them out on colleagues, friends and family, especially on unsuspecting ones who may realize its fools day only after they’ve been pranked.

Conversely, some also consider some pranks offensive or exploiting. Also some criminals use the liberty of the day to perpetrate heinous crimes, wreck havoc leading to grief and loss or damages.

There should be moderation in all things, and all individuals are expected to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner, without a breach of peace and happiness.

President Buhari, few months after becoming president, dissociated himself from what he termed as his party’s manifesto, regarding the promise of one naira to a dollar. As the fuel scarcity continues, the Minister of Petroleum Resources would want all readers to disregard the claims of a change in the exchange rates. Its Fools day, don’t get fooled.

Share happiness, HAPPY NEW MONTH.



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