Riot In LASU:SUG leads Protest.

Reports came in that the Student union Government of the Lagos State University, protested yesterday and blocked promi et route around the school campus.

This was as a result of the harrasmemt and alleged illegal fees imposed by miscreants  drivers of the school campus shuttle.

Reports confirmed major routes from the school premises were blocked and there was no vehicular movement.

Similar events occurred just in front of the University of Calabar main gate yesterday morning, as rows of taxis were parked and abandoned in a bid to block the road.

It was confirmed on interaction with some cab drivers that it was in protest of the hike of fees Imposed  by officials of Department of Public Transportation(DoPT) and the respective local government areas; Calabar Municipality and Calabar South Local government areas,amounting to N350 as against the supposed N200 in other areas of the state

This is even aa the state government had suspended the payments of arbitrary fees, after receiving petitions of extortion and allegations about fake tickets being produced en masse and sold.etta agbor road, Marian, and Highway were closed.

Security operatives were on the spot early enough and were interacting with some of the aggrieved drivers as it was a peaceful protest.



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